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A Different Night,
The Family Participation Haggadah
A Different Night is a family participation haggadah for all Jewish denominations and levels of knowledge that offers stories, discussions, explanations, readings, songs, activities and games. The art work is eclectic from Chagall, Rembrandt and Ben Shahn to cartoons. It features 20 illustrations of the 4 children including the 4 daughters. The language is accessible and directions complete and it offers both a short "bare-bone seder" (1 hour) and a long seder guaranteed to be fun and intelectually stimulating for adults, teenagers and children. Recommended by rabbis of all denominations, it has become an enormous best seller. The enormous variety of activities offered allow one to tailormake seder so that every year produce new Jewish memories.

Description from Publisher

Each Pesach we seek ways to make the Seder different and stimulating, being faithful to pedagogy and halacha at the same time. Here is a fascinating Haggadah for all Pesachs, demonstrating how to be both halachic and creative, while learning and having fun in the process.
- Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, Orthodox, Principal of the RAMAZ School, NYC

A Different Night is to my mind the best and most interesting Haggadah to appear in many years. The authors have managed to structure the book in imaginative ways that engage family members of all ages in serious and engaging discussions that explore the ever expanding meanings of the Passover Haggadah. The book is truly a delight.
- Dr. Barry W. Holtz Associate Professor of Jewish Education, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

This rich Haggadah enables Jews to connect with their tradition in deeply personal ways, while at the same time opening the tradition to Jews, showing it to be responsive and flexible. As I prepared for Pesach last year, this Haggadah taught me that our most important heritage is to question. It opened our Seder to deep and exciting discussions.
- Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Reform Director of Jewish Life Program, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Also Available: The Leader's Guide to The Family Participation Haggadah "A Different Night"
    The Leader's Guide is designed for seder leaders and for educators. For the seder leader there are practical suggestions for managing a participatory seder with children and adults of different ages. Shortcuts through the seder are provided as well as short background essays on Egyptian slavery (Nahum Sarna), Exodus and Revolution (Michael Walzer), Exodus metaphors for personal growth and a comparison of Moses and Herzl. Extra activities for the seder include a newspaper of the Exodus, roleplaying for the seder, a symposium of contemporary views on slavery and freedom and on the 4 children of the haggadah. Stories of exoduses in different generations include the Katmandu seder and the last seder in Ethiopia.

A Night to Remember: The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices (English and Hebrew Edition)

By Mishael Zion & Noam Zion, Michel Kichka
A full traditional haggadah with a contemporary and Israeli accent. Commentaries from scholars and rabbis, mostly late 20th century, but also from novelists, poets, political leaders, and others. This book is for the family that wants to enhance their seder by bringing in ideas that will make the evening rich, thought-provoking, and fun for all. Many items for younger and older children are sprinkled throughout the book.

Description from Publisher

The sequel to A Different Night. All new art by acclaimed Israeli caricaturist Michel Kichka. Full of activities and conversation-starters to make your seder truly a night to remember. Lots of material for seder with an emphasis on women; and many resources for a children's seder. Also available in its original Hebrew version, HaLaila HaZeh.

Description from Publisher

30 Minute Seder: The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition

By Robert Kopman
Large Print Edition also available

The "Must Have" Haggadah written for the contemporary Jewish family. This refreshingly brief, Rabbinically approved Passover Haggadah maintains the reverence of Passover while keeping the high points intact. The contemporary gender-neutral text, beautiful full-color illustrations, and Seder songs make for a memorable Passover Seder that engages and entertains the entire family.

30minute-Seder™ contains simple directions and Passover Seder plate instructions. Hebrew prayers are also provided with transliteration. The treatment given to the four-children (traditionally the four sons) is simply brilliant. The four-questions and their answers are presented in a truly thought provoking way. For the leader of the Seder or guests that prefer a larger format, an easy-to-read large print version of 30minute-Seder™ is also available.

This fun-to-read Passover Haggadah is perfect for the family on the go and appeals to new and experienced Seder participants alike.

Description from Publisher

(Left Cover)

(Right Cover)

A Passover Haggadah

By Elie Wiesel & Mark Podwal
A Passover Haggadah, retelling the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt, guides families every year through their Passover Seder. A Passover Haggadah faithfully renders the entire text of story, prayer, and song, with commentary by Elie Wiesel. Expertly interwoven, Wiesel's commentary (recalling memories of his own boyhood Seders and reflecting on Israel's place in the modern world) may be read aloud, along with the traditional text, in whole or in part. Drawings by Mark Powdal add joyous, fearsome, and poignant moments to the reader's experience throughout. At the beginning, just before the recitation of the Kiddush, one illustration depicts a contemporary Seder table whose length stretches into a path crossing a huge picture of the desert of ancient Egypt. The scene in the book is the beginning of the journey, the table is the destination, and, with this beautiful Haggadah, the story continues among us.

Description from Amazon.com

With this Passover Haggadah, Elie Wiesel and his friend Mark Podwal invite you to join them for the Passover Seder -- the most festive event of the Jewish calendar. Read each year at the Seder table, the Haggadah recounts the miraculous tale of the liberation of the Children of Israel from slavery in Egypt, with a celebration of prayer, ritual, and song. Wiesel and Podwal guide you through the Haggadah and share their understanding and faith in a special illustrated edition that will be treasured for years to come.

Accompanying the traditional Haggadah text (which appears here in an accessible new translation) are Elie Wiesel's poetic interpretations, reminiscences, and instructive retellings of ancient legends. The Nobel laureate interweaves past and present as the symbolism of the Seder is explored. Wiesel's commentaries may be read aloud in their entirety or selected passages may be read each year to illuminate the timeless message of this beloved book of redemption.

This volume is enhanced by more than fifty original drawings by Mark Podwal, the artist whom Cynthia Ozick has called a "genius of metaphor through line." Podwal's work not only complements the traditional Haggadah text, as well as Wiesel's poetic voice, but also serves as commentary unto itself. The drawings, with their fresh juxtapositions of insight and revelation, are an innovative contribution to the long tradition of Haggadah illustration.

Description from Publisher

A Passover Haggadah

By Herbert Bronstein

Russian Translation Also Available
This revolutionary Haggadah is written in gender-inclusive contemporary language and has sold over 1 million copies since its introduction. Illustrated with twenty-three original full-color watercolors by Leonard Baskin, it contains a complete Passover home service, an extensive song section, and supplemental readings and meditations from which the participants can choose during the course of the Seder. All optional selections are printed in color.

Description from Publisher

Family Haggadah

By Nosson Scherman
Combines economy, accuracy, and the famed ArtScroll elegance. Printed in two colors, it includes the full text and ArtScroll translation, plus instructions, notes and an introduction. Convenient and inexpensive; ideal for groups.

Description from Publisher

Over the years, there have been many haggadahs which have used plain English translations & commentaries but have given tradition a short shrift. Like other Artscroll products, this haggadah is 100% traditional. The most Orthodox families can use it. However, the translations and commentaries are clear so that all families, including those with little religious background, can have a rewarding seder experience. I have looked over this haggadah very carefully and after consultation with my family, we have decided to make the switch this year.

Description from Amazon.com

The Family Seder: A Traditional Passover Haggadah for the Modern Home

By Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch
The full traditional Passover service with Hebrew and English text, combined with intelligent explanations of the many ceremonies and symbols used in the course of the evening. Contains meaningful quotations, culled from the literature of the ages, that reinforce the message of freedom that is the essence of the holiday. A popular low-priced Haggadah for the modern home.

Description from Publisher

The Concise Family Seder

By Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch
This best-selling condensed version of The Family Seder contains all major elements of the Passover Seder service. It has found great favor with those whose Passover celebration previously consisted of little more than a meal.

Description from Publisher

Creating Lively Passover Seders: An Interactive Sourcebook of Tales, Texts & Activities

By David Arnow
A guide to help you invigorate your Seder, create lively discussions, and make personal connections with the Exodus story today.

For many people, the act of simply reading the Haggadah no longer fulfills the Passover Seder’s purpose: to help you feel as if you personally had gone out of Egypt. Too often, the ritual meal has become predictable, boring, and uninspiring. Creating Lively Passover Seders is an innovative, interactive guide to help encourage fresh perspectives and lively dialogue. This intriguing Haggadah companion offers thematic discussion topics, text study ideas, activities, and readings that come alive in the traditional group setting of the Passover Seder. Each activity and discussion idea aims to:
  • Deepen your understanding of the Haggadah
  • Provide new opportunities for engaging the themes of the Passover festival, including interactive readings and bibliodrama
  • Develop familiarity with the Exodus story, as well as the life and times of the people who shaped the development of the Haggadah
Reliving the Exodus is not about remembering an event long ago, but about participating in a conversation that provides hope and strength for the struggle to make tomorrow a brighter day. With this complete resource, you can create more meaningful encounters with Jewish values, traditions, and texts that lead well beyond the Seder itself.

Description from Publisher

"The Mishnah implies that no two Seders should be the same," claims Arnow, who has created a new Haggadah pamphlet each year to distribute among friends and family. In this innovative book, he urges readers to make the ritual their own, using Passover as an opportunity to better understand and internalize Judaism, freedom and faith. Each chapter begins with a short selection from the Haggadah, followed by Arnow's interpretations, ideas for discussion of relevant topics (e.g. miracles, slavery, exile) and suggestions for hands-on activities. Some adults may find these activities cheesy, but Passover has always been a holiday in which children are actively involved, and they will love "marching" from Egypt to the Red Sea, or stepping outdoors mid-meal to gaze at the full moon.

Description from Publishers Weekly

A Family Haggadah

By Shoshana Silberman
The text of this Haggadah follows the traditional order of the Passover Seder, uses non-sexist language, and is geared to the reading level of school-age children. Transliterations and translations of Hebrew blessings and prayers are included, as are additional discussion questions, seder songs, crafts, and games.

Our Family Haggadahs -- the original and Family Haggadah II -- which sold over 60,000 copies last year, continue to be a favorite choice for family and congregational seders, including special seders for singles and senior citizens. The seder service (which is the same in both versions) is easy to follow, includes all essential rituals, and is written in language that is clear and contemporary.

How are they different?

The original Family Haggadah (the cover is purple and green!) includes words to several favorite children's songs and commentary and questions geared to young children. The Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) is abbreviated.

The Family Haggadah II (the cover is multi-colored) has no children's songs, and the commentary is geared towards teens and adults. The service includes a full Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals). Family Haggadah II also comes in a large print edition for seder leaders and people with vision problems.

Description from Publisher

A Family Haggadah II

By Shoshana Silberman
The Haggadah you've come to love, with all-new commentary, a complete Birkat (blessing after meals), and discussions geared to older children and adults. Ideal as a new haggadah of choice, or as a change of pace for your second, third, or fourth night's celebration!

Our Family Haggadahs -- the original and Family Haggadah II -- which sold over 60,000 copies last year, continue to be a favorite choice for family and congregational seders, including special seders for singles and senior citizens. The seder service (which is the same in both versions) is easy to follow, includes all essential rituals, and is written in language that is clear and contemporary.

How are they different?

The original Family Haggadah (the cover is purple and green!) includes words to several favorite children's songs and commentary and questions geared to young children. The Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) is abbreviated.

The Family Haggadah II (the cover is multi-colored) has no children's songs, and the commentary is geared towards teens and adults. The service includes a full Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals). Family Haggadah II also comes in a large print edition for seder leaders and people with vision problems.

Description from Publisher

A Night of Questions:
A Passover Haggadah

Accompanying Audio CD Also Available
Now in its second printing, this hugely popular Haggadah provides four Seder menus to help you customize your Seder: for younger children, for older children and adults, for groups of diverse backgrounds including non-Jews, and for those wishing to emphasize feminist themes. Plentiful commentary, kavvanot and readings throughout the text help make your Seder relevant and inspiring. Colorful icons and illustrations make this Haggadah visually appealing.

Description from Publisher

Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families

By Cokie & Steve Roberts
New York Times bestselling authors and journalists Cokie and Steve Roberts share their Passover traditions in this engaging version of the Haggadah for couples and families of mixed faiths.

When they met more than forty years ago, Cokie and Steve Roberts found common ground in their shared values, despite their different religious beliefs. Choosing to honor both of their faiths and traditions, they began hosting a Passover Seder that has evolved from a small family gathering to a veritable event celebrated with loved ones from all walks of life.

Based on the time-honored Haggadah -— the text read throughout the evening that gives order to the ritual meal -— Our Haggadah is a practical guide for interfaith families, whether they're celebrating their very first Passover or starting a new tradition. Originally composed on a typewriter and stapled together, Our Haggadah has been the Roberts family's handbook for each Seder and comes from years of adapting and expanding their Seders to welcome all who wish to take part in the celebration. From finding a Seder plate to preparing traditional and nontraditional foods, from the customary prayers to new ways for guests to participate, Cokie and Steve share their special approach to the holiday and the lessons they've learned over the years as an interfaith couple.

Description from Publisher

A Passover Haggadah: Go Forth and Learn

By David Silber and Rachel Furst
Rabbi Silber has given us two books in one: the Haggadah itself, in English and Hebrew, with his seder commentary and a collection of essays that provide close readings of the classic biblical and rabbinic texts that inform Seder-night ritual and narration. Both parts work beautifully together to illuminate the central themes of Passover: peoplehood, Covenant, our relationship to ritual, God's presence in history, and other important issues that resonate with us all.

Just as midrash attempts to bridge the gap between ancient text and contemporary meaning, Rabbi Silber's Haggadah provides new sources of insight that deepen the Passover experience for today's readers.

Description from Publisher

The Szyk Haggadah
Arthur Szyk (pronounced “Shick”) created his magnificent Haggadah in Lodz, on the eve of the Nazi occupation of his native Poland. There is no Haggadah like it, before or since, filled with sumptuous paintings of Jewish heroes and stunning calligraphy.

This edition, the first since 1940 to be reproduced from Szyk’s original art, boasts a newly commissioned and extremely practical English text by Rabbi Byron L. Sherwin, ideal for use at any family Seder, and a special commentary section by Rabbi Sherwin and Irvin Ungar gives insight into both the rituals of the Seder and Szyk’s rich illustrations.

Available in both hardcover and paperback editions, The Szyk Haggadah will transform the Seder, bringing the story of the Exodus from Egypt into a more contemporary light.

Description from Publisher

Closeup of cover art:

The New American Haggadah: Haggadah Shel Pesah

By Mordecai Menahem Kaplan
Whether at a model seder, a community seder, or a family seder, The New American Haggadah will inspire and delight participants of all ages. First developed as The New Haggadah, this Passover classic has been revised to reflect the experiences of our generation and the contributions it has made to the holiday's message of universal freedom.

The New American Haggadah presents the Passover service, filtered through the richness of the American Jewish experience. The moving text and traditional Passover songs are supplemented with illuminating commentaries. Highlights include:

  • An Ethiopian Jew's account of "Operation Moses," her own modern-day exodus from poverty and oppression
  • The memoir of a Union soldier celebrating Passover during the Civil War
  • Illustrations reflecting the diverse ways American Jews have enriched the Passover message of liberation
  • Songs by Debbie Friedman and Linda Hirschhorn
  • Riddles to entertain children and adults alike
  • Gender-sensitive language with elegant translation, transliteration of the original Hebrew text, music, and instructions for the leader combine to offer an accessible--and uniquely American--Passover seder.

    Description from Publisher
Family Haggadah
Family Haggadah :
A Seder for All Generations
This wonderful, easy-to-follow Family Haggadah was designed as a guide for the seder experience where young people are present. Seder participants are provided with easy-to-read instructions for a smooth and traditional ceremony. Special features include text boxes scattered throughout that provide questions and engaging commentary, encouraging thoughtful discussion. Images of ancient and modern illuminated Haggadot and artifacts adorn the text of this unique Haggadah, allowing the reader a chance to view a rarely seen part of Passover history. Seder participants will experience Passover not simply through words, but through a feast of rich and vibrant images.

Special Features:
  • Large format, open layout
  • Quick and easy to follow
  • Plagues illustrated in a light-hearted, child-friendly way
  • Includes The Frog Song and Bang, Bang, Bang
  • Transliteration of all blessings and songs encourages participation
  • Some Hebrew provided Publisher Description
  • Season of Renewal : A Family Haggadah
    Season of Renewal : A Family Haggadah

    By Rabbi Dr. John Levy and Naomi Tippett
    Perfect for:
  • Families with elementary school children
  • Model seders
  • Congregational family seders

    Special Features:
  • Illustrated with beautiful collages and flowers created by schoolchildren
  • Annotations explain the rituals to foster understanding
  • Optional discussion questions
  • Hebrew provided throughout
  • Blessings transliterated
  • Ten pages of songs, with Hebrew, English, and transliteration
  • Companion website lets you hear the songs
  • Flexible time commitment -- Vary the length of your seder from 30 minutes to 2 hours

    Publisher Description

  • Passover Haggadah: The Feast of Freedom

    By Rachel Anne Rabbinowicz
    The Passover Haggadah, with a new translation and a detailed, provocative commentary. Clear instructions and explanations take the reader step by step through all of the Seder ritual. The text encourages the active participation of everyone at the Seder table. Impressive artwork in full color by Israeli artist Dan Reisinger.

    Description from Publisher

    Yes, This is the standard Haggadah of the CONSERVATIVE movement in America. It is paperbacked, sturdy, and has a colorful cover with the Hebrews crossing the Sea of blue waves. It reads RIGHT to LEFT. 144 Pages. Opens with a page for Erev Pesah, the Search for Hametz, and a page on the deeper meaning of Hametz in our "puffed up" subverted lives. The seder readings follow in Hebrew text with facing English translations. The MARGINS of the Hebrew pages and English pages are filled with running commentaries and quick tidbits that can be read by the leaders and those assembled at the table. There are many nuggets in here. For example, the commentary on the response to the "wicked child" teaches that the words atually mean "set his teeth on edge." Of course, the commentary advises that one shouldn't physically hit, but just use a witty retort. Or a comment on how the heck Miriam and her sister slaves had timbrels. There are no Transliterations. The Four Sons are rendered as Four CHILDREN. Contains both a Full Grace after Meals and a Short Version of Grace. Contains a section on the Holocaust and the slavery of the last century. Contains Hallel and Counting of the Omer. Closes with Ki Lo Na'eh, Adir Hu, Ehad Mi Yadeia, Had Gadya.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    We Were Slaves: An Interactive Haggadah
    Here is a short, accurate, clear, and easy to use Haggadah. This is both the perfect teaching Haggadah and the ideal volume for home use. The text is traditional but shortened, the graphics highlight the structure and steps in the Haggadah, and the seder it offers is both brief yet complete.

    Description from Publisher

    See Amazon.com website to look inside the book.

    The American Heritage Haggadah

    By David Geffen
    A profound and meaningful addition to the Passover seder, this unique Haggadah showcases the inherent respect for religious diversity in American society, and is a moving and timely tribute to the values of freedom and liberty. First published in 1992, and compiled and edited by David Geffen, this reprinted edition includes an attractive new cover featuring what has recently come to be the most poignant symbol of freedom – the Statue of Liberty. The back cover displays the proposed seal for the United States submitted by the committee of Franklin, Jefferson and Adams in 1776. With the image of the splitting of the Red Sea, and the words ‘Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God’, it is a fitting tribute to the current world situation and also highlights the tenacious link between Jewish and American values.

    The Hebrew text of the American Heritage Haggadah is an exact replica of one of the earliest Haggadot published in the States. Combined with anecdotes and images sourced from Chicago to California, this Haggadah provides an inspiring historical framework in which to contemplate the meaning of slavery and freedom.

    Description from Publisher

    The Open Door: A Passover Haggadah

    By Sue Levi Elwell
    The Open Door includes traditional and innovative blessings, extensive commentaries and supplemental readings, Miriam's Cup and women's voices, gender inclusive language, more than 40 pages of traditional and newly commissioned music and magnificent full color art.

    Description from Publisher

    This Haggadah fulfills its own stated goal of being "the essential Jewish travel guide," using the seder to transport readers from the past through the present to the future. A product of Reform Judaism, the book seeks to embrace and celebrate the "expanded" Jewish community, drawing upon the writings of female rabbis and relating Passover customs from all over the world. The book is gracefully illustrated with full-color drawings by Ruth Weisberg, and is complemented by more than 50 pages of traditional and new music. Jews who are seeking a diversity of voices and experiences at their seder will cheer the arrival of this Haggadah, which reflects a fresh perspective on emancipation.

    Description from Publishers Weekly

    A Passover Seder Companion and Analytic Introduction to the Haggadah

    By Martin Sicker
    The Passover Seder, the most popular and widely celebrated occasion on the annual Jewish calendar, and its Haggadah, which is a unique combination of liturgy, biblical exegesis, and rabbinic lore, have both delighted and confounded celebrants for nearly two thousand years. Over time, the traditional Haggadah has become increasingly obscure as the distance between the authors and readers, in both chronological and cultural terms, widens over time. This is because the Haggadah is essentially a rabbinic work, much of which is written in a style similar to that found in the classic works of Rabbinic Judaism such as the Talmud and Midrash, works that demand much more from those who would understand them than casual perusal.

    Although some good translations of the Haggadah have appeared over the years, even the best is necessarily an interpretation as well, and may tend to obscure some of the nuances in the original language of composition that permit alternative explanations of the author's intent. The problem of maintaining fidelity to the original has become exacerbated as efforts to make the text more relevant to the modern reader have in some instances introduced assertions that, while essentially meaningful, bear little direct relation to the language and likely intent of the original work. This book strives to unravel the mysteries of the traditional text of the Haggadah and provide the reader insight into the highly sophisticated thought of its authors.

    Description from Publisher

    The Traditional Egalitarian Passover Haggadah

    By Leona S. Green
    Beautifully written, The Traditional Egalitarian Passover Haggadah, by Leona S. Green, offers a comprehensive guide to the Passover Seder along with explanation and commentary that both the novice and the "veteran" Seder leader will find helpful and informative. A unique feature of Green's Haggadah is an easy to follow abridged version within the text, a "Haggadah within a Haggadah". This highlighted version contains the essential elements of the Haggadah and creates a meaningful Seder that engages and holds the interest of the children. In addition, this new Haggadah includes:
    • Gender inclusive English translation
    • Traditional Hebrew text and format
    • Transliteration of Hebrew
    • Inspirational and meaningful egalitarian content
    • Rich background into women and men's roles in the
    • Passover narrative
    • Section on Miriam's cup, Elijah's cup and an explanation of the orange on the Seder plate.

      Description from Publisher

    The Illuminated Haggadah: Featuring Medieval Illuminations from the Haggadah Collection of the British Library

    By Michael Shire
    One of the most beloved book in Judaism, the Haggadah contains the liturgy for the Passover Seder, the ritual that memorializes the Israelites' liberation from slavery and their exodus from Egypt. Featuring commentary that both amplifies the traditional text and draws on the remarkable illustrative material, "The Illuminate Haggadah" is a tribute to the art of illumination and a profound celebration of the Feast of Freedom. 100+ color illuminations .

    Description from Publisher

    Gates of Freedom - A Passover Haggadah

    By Chaim Stern
    Rabbi Stern, the master of modern Jewish liturgy, offers the Passover seder that runs itself in this revision of his best-selling classic, Gates of Freedom.

    The text is clearly marked so that families with young children can shorten the service, while those who want to deepen their seder experience can enhance it with both traditional and contemporary readings. A dazzling array of commentaries, anecdotes, poems, and songs enrich the Gates of Freedom service, and the compelling computer-generated graphics add the exciting dimension of visual interpretation. Rabbi Eugene Borowitz's inspiring Introduction sets the stage for the evening drama.

    All the Passover traditions are explained with clarity and insight. Seder participants will find renewed delight in the Passover celebration, as they experience the familiar rituals and text, and discover new meaning, relevance, and inspiration.

    Description from Publisher

    The Passover Journey :
    A Seder Companion

    By Barbara Diamond Goldin
    A lovely book that's intended as a companion to, rather than a substitute for, a Passover Haggadah. The text is divided into two sections: one deals with the biblical stories and ancient rabbinic writings (Midrashim) telling of Moses's birth and how he was able to lead the Jewish people out of enslavement; the second discusses the Seder service and various traditions surrounding it. Well-researched, and written in simple but effective language, this will be welcomed in general collections, by families wanting to enrich their understanding and celebration of Passover, and by synagogues and religious schools. Waldman's watercolors are quietly handsome--even when depicting the plagues that were sent to scourge the Egyptians. Useful and attractive.

    Description by Kirkus Reviews

    The Haggadah

    By Rabbi Joseph Elias
    Since it first appeared nearly 25 years ago, the ArtScroll Haggadah by Rabbi Joseph Elias has been the most popular Haggadah of its kind, anywhere! With its broad variety of sources and excellent combination of thoroughness, reliability, accuracy, and good taste, it remains a staple of tens of thousands of Seder tables -- and deservedly so!

    Now Rabbi Elias has produced the long-awaited new and expanded edition -- with much new commentary on the second half of the Haggadah.

    Rabbi Elias has been known and revered for half a century as one of the Jewish community’s outstanding thinkers and educators. Among his students he was especially revered for the way he taught the Haggadah, presenting it with all its beauty and meaning. In his hands, the Haggadah became a sefer that speaks to all Jews, wherever they are. Indeed, This Haggadah fulfills the injunction that in every generation all Jews must view themselves as if they had emerged from Egypt.

    In his ArtScroll Haggadah, Rabbi Elias opens the doors of his classroom to tens of thousands of new and appreciative students.

    For all these years, the original Elias Haggadah was THE Haggadah for the Jewish home, and especially for everyone who wanted to set aside time to study and know the Haggadah. There are many other excellent Haggadahs, of course, but none better blends a clear elucidation of the text with the comments of the classic commentators across the centuries.

    Now, the magnificent Elias touch is expanded and refined even further. as a great Haggadah becomes bigger and better. Don’t miss it!

    Description from Publisher

    The Holistic Haggadah : How Will You Be Different This Passover Night

    By Michael L. Kagan
    This fascinating guide to the inner journey offered by the Passover Seder evening incorporates a holistic approach to Judaism, which activates the four worlds of the individual the world of action, the world of emotion, the world of intellect, and the world of spirit. It weaves a beautiful tapestry, illuminating the treasures available within Passover and the Jewish yearly festival cycle.

    Description from Publisher

    "How is this night different from all other nights?" is the traditional Passover question. But Kagan (who describes himself as an "ortho-practicing, but unorthodox, Jew") wants seder participants to look beyond the obvious and ask themselves a different question: "How will this night change me?" Using the Exodus story as an allegory of an individual's spiritual slavery and redemption, Kagan advocates a holistic approach to Judaism that merges the worlds of action, emotion, intellect and spirit. Readers are asked to reflect upon what is keeping them enslaved in their "inner Mitzraim" (Egypt). Kagan spiritualizes the various elements of Passover observance; burning the hametz (leavened bread), for example, symbolizes a willingness to let go of attachments and anything that puffs us up.

    Description from Publishers Weekly

    The New Jewish World Family Haggadah

    By Dr. Shoshana Silberman and Zion Ozeri
    World-famous photographer Zion Ozeri, a Manhattan resident raised in Israel, is acclaimed by organizations around the world for capturing, in some instances, the last Jewish communities in many countries, from India to Iran. He has traveled the world collecting these priceless cultural portraits of a people united by tradition. To illuminate the Haggadah, the annual retelling of the Jewish people's escape from Egypt, Ozeri's photographs are paired with modern text by noted Jewish scholar and Hagaddah expert, Shoshana Silberman, whose A Family Haggadah I and II (Karben) are widely used in Reform and Conservative Jewish family celebrations of Passover. This handsome, affordably priced Haggadah, in trade paperback, is the first of its kind to use photography to illustrate the annual book of prayers and traditions used in over 6,000,000 Jewish households across America each year. Each photo will be accompanied by a facing caption telling the land of origin of its subjects, from Argentina to Bukharin to the land of Israel.

    Description from Publisher

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah (Participant's Edition)

    Santa Cruz Haggadah Kids Passover Fun Book

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah (Leader's Edition)

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah is a user-friendly Passover Haggadah based on the concept that we should not only look back in history to when we were slaves and then freed, but that we should also connect in with other groups who are needing freedom or protection now - eg the homeless, the redwoods, those discriminated against because of their age, sex, sexual preferences, etc. - and with the ways in which we enslave ourselves now through the risks we don't take, the words and actions we keep repeating, the questions we don't ask, etc.

    The Leader's versions (the complete versions) provide the leader with help in tailoring a seder to the expected participants; a ten-minute or ten-hour seder can be designed.

    The Participant's version
    provides attendees with all that they need to participate in the seder.

    The Kids' Passover Fun Book serves as: (1) a haggadah for little kids; (2) an Afikomen present for middle-aged kids (6 - 11); (3) a distraction tool for unruly kids at a seder; or (4) a violence-free teaching tool for parents and/or teachers.

    Description from Publisher

    (Sample page from Kids Edition>)

    The Holistic Haggadah: How Will You Be Different This Passover Night?

    By Michael L. Kagan
    "How is this night different from all other nights?" is the traditional Passover question. But Kagan (who describes himself as an "ortho-practicing, but unorthodox, Jew") wants seder participants to look beyond the obvious and ask themselves a different question: "How will this night change me?" Using the Exodus story as an allegory of an individual's spiritual slavery and redemption, Kagan advocates a holistic approach to Judaism that merges the worlds of action, emotion, intellect and spirit. Readers are asked to reflect upon what is keeping them enslaved in their "inner Mitzraim" (Egypt). Kagan spiritualizes the various elements of Passover observance; burning the hametz (leavened bread), for example, symbolizes a willingness to let go of attachments and anything that puffs us up.

    Description from Publishers Weekly

    Passover: The Family Guide to Spiritual Celebration by Dr. Ron Wolfson
    Thousands of families have benefited from the information and wise advice in the original edition of this book. This updated edition will help families experience a meaningful holiday though its explanation of the concepts behind Passover ritual and ceremony with step-by-step procedures for observance and preparing the home for the holiday.

    Passover, 2nd Edition, provides readers with:
    • Easy-to-Follow Format: Using an innovative interview technique, real families describe in vivid words their won experiences with the Passover holiday.
    • Easy-to-Read Hebrew Texts: The Haggadah texts are in Hebrew, English, and transliteration.
    • An Abundance of Useful Information: A detailed description of the procedures involved in performing Passover rituals is included, along with a section of practical questions and answers. "Innovations" offers imaginative ideas and new customs to enliven seder celebration.

      Description from Publisher

    Keeping Passover: Everything You Need to Know to Bring the Ancient Tradition to Life and Create Your Own Passover Celebration

    By Ira Steingroot
    "Although the idea of 'keeping Passover' has too often come to mean the strict observance of an unending string of ordinances, decrees, rules, regulations, testimonies, precepts, laws, and statutes, it can as well mean the safekeeping of something precious and worth preserving. Tradition should be like the ballast that keeps a ship steady in an ocean of constant stormy change."From one of the nation's leading Haggadah experts comes the ultimate guide to creating a faithful and personal seder celebration. Emphasizing "thou may" instead of "thou shalt," Steingroot presents all the traditional and alternative options. Keeping Passover explores:
    • the meaning of the Passover symbols
    • how to choose the right Haggadah
    • food, cookbooks, and table arrangements
    • music, recordings, and learning to sing the songs
    • ways to involve children
    • the art of keeping Passover fresh every year
    Keeping Passover is a much needed and highly accessible resource offering a rich assortment of methods -- from simple to elaborate, traditional to innovative -- to enhance, preserve, and celebrate the seder.

    Description from Publisher

    Songs of the Seder : A Music Book to Accompany the Passover Haggadah

    By Judith S. Rubenstein & Howard S. Rubenstein
    This compact and conveniently sized volume contains the music and lyrics of 23 Passover seder songs, prayers, and chants, and presents them in the order in which they appear in the seder. The book can therefore accompany any haggadah. The book contains traditional and contemporary melodies. The lyrics are in transliteration of Hebrew or Aramaic and also in English. The arrangements are in keys that are easy to sing and play, with chords for piano and guitar. Companion recordings, entitled "Songs of the Seder" by Judy Rubenstein, are available on cassette.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah : From Bondage to Freedom

    By Abraham J. Twerski
    The story of the Passover Haggadah is so familiar that nearly everyone who takes part in the Seder can recite it without a hitch. But, like all the Torah, the nuances of the Seder speak to different people in different ways.

    Passover is the story of freedom from the lash and chain and the exalted rise of a nation to the pinnacle of human achievement: the knowledge that the Divine Hand controls nature and the experience of Revelation at Sinai. However, not all pain is inflicted by the lash of a taskmaster and not all chains are clamped on by jailers.

    The Haggadah also addresses those who suffer from the slavery of an oppressive environment or, even more difficult, the sort of obsessive behavior that plagues many or most lives.

    The ultimate freedom is the ability to live constructively and happily; that is why the Sages of the Talmud teach that the truly free person is one who immerses himself in the Torah.

    In this volume, one of our generation’s most eminent interpreters of the Torah’s teachings regarding self-control and self-improvement uncovers the path to personal liberation in the timeless story of the Exodus. Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D., has an uncanny ability to know what troubles people and how to provide the balm for their hurt by combining the eternal wisdom of the Torah with the science of the mind.

    In this Haggadah, he takes each of us from the bondage of our personal “Egypts” to the promised land of self-fulfillment and joy in achieving our personal best.

    Description from Publisher

    Understanding the Haggadah

    By Sol Scharfstein
    This is a useful and informative haggadah, but its interior is virtually indistinguishable from dozens of other companion guides to the seder meal and ceremony. Commentary and explanatory notes fill the bottoms of the pages, with definitions of key terms and identifications of important characters. What makes this haggadah slightly different is the tantalizing closing reference the author makes to his own experience at a seder in 1944 London. As the blitz raged above, the family he celebrated with continued calmly with the meal, ensuring that tradition would be preserved even as a new enemy sought to annihilate the Jews. Scharfstein offers disappointingly little interpretation of this experience as a re-enactment of the original Passover, but the story is memorable in itself.

    Description from Publishers Weekly

    The Family Haggadah Leatherette Eight Piece Slipcased Set

    By Rabbi Nosson Scherman & Rabbi Avie Gold
    This handy, economically-priced Haggadah has been a best-seller for years. Now available with an elegant stamped and embossed leatherette cover! It contains the complete Seder instructions, a full text Haggadah with ArtScroll English translation and explanatory notes, The Family Haggadah keeps everyone on the same page! Accuracy is guaranteed by the Haggadah's two renowned editors, Rabbis Nosson Scherman and Avie Gold. The Perfect Pesach gift -- for yourself or your host! What could be a better Passover gift than 8 copies of ArtScroll's classic Family Haggadah, elegantly presented in leatherette covers and packaged in a handsome embossed slipcase? The perfect Haggadah for your own family or your host's, this expertly crafted set is certain to be passed down for generations.

    Description from Publisher

    The Haggadah with Answers: The Classic Commentators Respond to Over 200 Questions

    By Yaakov Wehl
    In the familiar world of Haggadah literature, can there be something new under the sun? With every family’s Pesach shelf groaning under the weight of so many Haggadahs, can there be a new Haggadah that is materially different from the others? Or -- in the parlance of Pesach -- how is this Haggadah commentary different from every other Haggadah commentary?

    It is very different, very useful, and sure to be very popular and very widely consulted.

    Compiled by the noted Torah scholar, Rabbi Yaakov Wehl, this commentary is in question-and-answer form. It contains over two hundred questions on the Haggadah -- the sort of questions that anyone might have asked, or wished he had asked. There is hardly a query on the Haggadah that is not included somewhere in this collection.

    The answers? They are drawn from the broad gamut of classic commentators, from their writings on the Torah, the Talmud, or the Haggadah. Virtually everything one could wish for is between the covers of this Haggadah.

    In its Hebrew version, Ki Yishal’cha Vin’cha, this commentary has had many printings and become a popular, standard text in America, Israel, and elsewhere. The English version is more than a mere translation. It takes the anthology of classic texts and explains them clearly and articulately. It sheds new light on many obscure parts of the Haggadah.

    This Haggadah will be a revelation even to accomplished scholars and veteran teachers. In it, Rabbi Wehl’s immense erudition and pedagogical skills are placed at the service of the broad Jewish public. It is a welcome service of great proportions.

    Description from Publisher

    A Survivors' Haggadah

    By Yosef-Dov Sheinson
    In the winter of 1945-1946, Holocaust survivors in the Munich area created an extraordinary illustrated haggadah in preparation for their first Passover after liberation. Written in both Hebrew and Yiddish, it was first published by the Zionist groups Achida and Nocham, and then reprinted by the United States Army of Occupation. For five decades this work was all but forgotten. Now, The Jewish Publication Society is proud to issue this edition, a facsimile of the original, together with an English translation, previously published in a limited edition by the American Jewish Historical Society. This is a haggadah created by, for, and truly dedicated to, the She'erith Hapletah, the Saved Remnant, "the few who escaped." In 1946, in a public facility in Munich, this haggadah was used in seders celebrated by survivors. Within the pages of A Survivor's Haggadah, the traditional Passover liturgy of the Exodus story is interwoven with the modern story of Jews enslaved and perishing in Hilter's Europe and how they werere liberated. It also reflects the survivors' yearning for the Promised Land, a Zion to be redeemed through the committed work of survivors becoming pioneers.

    Description from Publisher

    Promised Land Haggadah

    By Lynn Lebow Nadeau
    A haggadah for adults-only seders. Some masculine prayers, some feminine, and some gender-neutral. Includes music to follow for the songs. My only puzzle was why some Hebrew prayers were transliterated differently from the Hebrew above them. Celebrates freedom!

    I grew up struggling to get through Seders while my father read from the tattered and worn Maxwell House Haggadah we kept stored in the closet. The text rarely energized me or gave me reason to compare the plight of the ancient Jews to the situation of peoples in modern society. Picking up the "Promised Land" for the first time sparked a truly spiritual interest in the meaning of Passover. Nadeau has done an excellent job of synthesizing old and new, traditional and alternative, spirituality and levity. It has become an essential component of my Seder and works wonders in bringing together those who attend the event. By creating community, allowing everyone to share their thoughts and drawing parallels between ancient injustices and those afflicting us today, "The Promised Land" restores Passover to its rightful place as one of the most important days of the year.

    Description from Publisher

    Tiferet Asher Haggadah for Passover

    By Hebrew Theological College
    The Haggadah for Passover, Hebrew Text with English translation, instruction and notes, combining the Biblical story, the interpretation of the Oral Law, and the history and drama of the Exodus from Egypt. With classic and contemporary explanation s, practical and relevant insights, and clear and concisorge instructions for conducting a traditional Passover seder.

    Its attractive and user-friendly format, together with a special section of essays from the scholars affiliated with Hebrew Theological College, make this Haggadah a "must-have" for every Passover Seder table.

    Description from Publisher

    A Happy Passover Haggadah: A New Amazing Full Color Family Haggadah with Selected Transliterations

    By Ismar David
    A Happy Passover Haggadah is fantastic for The Entire Family. Designer Monicka Clio Rafaeli dresses up the Haggadah in a contemporary, whimsical and colorful style. Intended for adults and children alike, for both the conservative and the not so conservative - this Haggadah results in a play between inspiration and tradition, words and colors, beauty and enchantment. The artist's dream is to lend Judaica art a new face; to combine old traditions with an uplifting design sense, current hues and bold graphics. This Haggadah offers a visual language that is right for today, and promises an engaging passing-over from generation to generation.

    Description from Publisher

    The Family Haggadah for Passover

    By Ismar David
    The color and artwork of Ismar David's The Family Haggadah for Passover reflect the joyful atmosphere and deep spirituality of Passover. Using the complete traditional Hebrew text with a clear and effective English translation, this distinguished graphic designer and calligraphy teacher integrates his unique contemporary sensibility with an awareness of the cultural richness of centuries of Jewish history. Exceptional visual appeal, practical design and economical price make The Family Haggadah for Passover a stimulating and helpful guide for each participant at a Seder whether in the home or Synagogue.
    • ILLUSTRATION Drawings and text are intimately interwoven. Mr. David's evocative illustrations form a visual commentary on the cherished story, engaging the imagination of children and adults alike.
    • DESIGN Inventive graphic devices, color and layout indicate the ritual procedures and present them in a straightforward, concise manner. The full Hebrew and English texts are side by side and clearly relate to each other.
    • CALLIGRAPHY The Hebrew text is rendered in its entirety in calligraphy. The style, based on writing from the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls, retains a contemporary spirit and expresses the timelessness and vigor of the Jewish heritage.
    • BILINGUAL TEXT The complete traditional Hebrew text, fully vocalized and carefully proofread, partners a readable, accurate English translation.
    • HELPING HAND Phillip Rothman's brief introduction details the essential preparations for the Seder and explores the symbolism and meaning of Passover. The 6" x 9" format is convenient for use at the table and the durable Smythsewn construction ensures that it may be used for years to come.

      Description from Publisher

    Haggadah for Jews & Buddhists: A Passover Ritual

    By Elizabeth Pearce-Glassheim
    A discussion provoking retelling of the traditional Passover ritual, linking its meaning with age-old Buddhist concepts. A traditional haggadah in format, this has been written for a mixed family.

    Haggadah for Jews & Buddhists illuminates the concepts embedded in the Biblical story of the sacred exodus from slavery to freedom. This journey applies to everyone as they face life's challenges and grow stronger through meeting them. This telling has meaning for all thoughtful adults: Buddhists, Traditional and Secular Jews and people of all beliefs and spiritualities.

    Description from Publisher

    A Mystical Haggadah : Passover Meditations, Teachings, and Tales

    By Eliahu Klein
    In a generation that has seen an explosion in popularity of books about mystical and meditative traditions, very little has been published about the rich and fascinating mystical traditions of the Jewish holy days. Passover, the first religious holiday of the Jewish people, particularly rewards a re-viewing from a mystical perspective. A Mystical Haggadah takes readers through the Passover ritual with Kabbalistic meditations and affirmations in a friendly, accessible format. This Haggadah also includes many Hassidic teachings and stories that have never been presented to the English reading audience. The book is especially valuable for its transliterations of all the major prayers and rituals, and is refreshing in its creative and spiritually-based adaptation and translation of the primary Haggadah text.

    A Mystical Haggadah is for all spiritual seekers who wish to explore this root tradition of Judaism as a ritual of cosmic importance. The book is also for Jewish seekers of all denominations who wish to explore the mystical, meditative, and empowering aspects of Jewish traditions as seen through the rich and meaningful Passover eve Seder ritual.

    Description from Publisher

    The Haggadah Companion

    By Rabbi Avrohom Schwartz
    The ideal dvar Torah book for your Seder! Rabbi Avrohom Schwartz's collection of concise, easy-to-read divrei Torah is invaluable for anyone looking for something unique--and to the point--to say at the seder. This handy book even provides room for you to add your own individual insights, halachic additions, and favorite commentaries. An indispensable tool for educators, students, or anyone who wants a memorable dvar Torah!

    Description from Publisher

    Carlebach Haggadah: Seder Night with Reb Shlomo

    By Chaim Stefansky
    The Carlebach Haggadah comprises the teachings and stories of Reb Shlomo Carlebach relating to the Haggadah and Passover Seder night. Renowned as a singer and composer of inspirational music, Reb Shlomo was, first and foremost, a great teacher of Torah. These teachings were drawn from Reb Shlomo's concerts, shiurim, mass kumsitz sessions, and his holiday celebrations over the course of many years.

    Affording profound lessons about the meaning of true freedom, this Haggadah shares with its readers the living Torah of a great and unique personality. Written in the distinct voice of Reb Shlomo, The Carlebach Haggadah is sure to ignite discussion and dramatically enhance the Seder night experience for both young and old.

    Description from Publisher

    The Scholar's Haggadah: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Oriental Versions

    By Heinrich W. Guggenheimer
    In this unprecedented masterwork, The Scholar's Haggadah: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Oriental Versions, Heinrich Guggenheimer presents the first Haggadah to treat the texts of all Jewish groups on an equal footing and to use their divergences and concurrences as a key to the history of the text and an understanding of its development.

    The Seder (the ceremony of the Passover night) is one of the most universally celebrated rituals among Jewish families, for what it commemorates–Jewish freedom from bondage–is the glue that bonds all Jews together, traditional and modern, Ashkenazic and Sephardic alike. In the Book of Exodus the Jewish people are instructed to tell their children of how God brought the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt, and thousands of years later this timeless tradition remains an immutable factor in Jewish homes on Passover night.

    While many commentaries have been written on the Haggadah during the last one thousand years–most delineating the spiritual meaning or the ritual details of the Passover ceremonies–few historical investigations have dealt with texts that are not wholly Ashkenazic. Available for the first time to the reader is a Haggadah that includes the customs and ceremonies of not only Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry, but of Yemenite Jews as well. Additionally, the author provides a commentary that not only offers a key to the roots of the Passover ceremonies and an introduction to the thought and practice of talmudic-rabbinic Judaism, but also presents a history of the development of text and practice of the Seder celebration.

    While Yemenite Jewry still follows texts and prescriptions of Maimonides practically in their original form, unchanged for at least 800 years, European Ashkenazic and Sephardic practices have undergone many changes. While the history of Yemenite Jews is riddled with oppression and migration, the Moslem rulers of their country never extended their persecutions to Jewish books. On the other hand, the history of European Jews is dominated by continuous pogroms, beginning with the first crusade, and a permanent war of the Church against Jewish learning that resulted in many public burnings of the Talmud and rabbinic treatises.

    Heinrich Guggenheimer has produced an essential work, valuable to the historian, scholar, layman, beginner, and any Jew who wishes to carry on the tradition of a people, who, by observing that tradition, commemorates the very essence of Jewish freedom.

    Description from Publisher

    The Ashkenazi Haggadah: A Hebrew Manuscript of the Mid-15th Century from the Collections of the British Library

    By Joel Ben Simeon
    The Haggadah has a unique place among Jewish books: this story of the Exodus is read every year around the table at the Passover Seder, the festive meal that is the one great liturgical ceremony performed in the home. Before the invention of printing, many Haggadot were illuminated by scribes in the European centers of Jewish culture, and The Ashkenazi Haggadah is one of the most beautiful and best preserved. This sumptuous volume includes a magnificently printed facsimile of this remarkable manuscript, exact down to the age-old stains of wine spilled on its pages, and makes a magnificent holiday gift.

    Description from Publisher

    I found this Haggadah in Paris and was ready to pay three figures for one. It was so inexpensive here that I bought three to give Its very, very heavy paper seems almost like the original parchment. It measures 11X13" and has some 100 full page plates. The colors, painting and calligraphy of this scribe could not be equalled in our century. It is perfectly clear and could be used as a functional haggadah although you will certainly not want to drip wine on this treasure. Keep it away from rowdy kids but show it to everyone else. It's really a marvel. At the end of the book they have appended a modern English and Hebrew version, post Guttenberg style.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    Haggadah: A Celebration of Freedom

    By Martha Shelley
    Haggadah means "the telling." The escape from Egypt is the defining legend, the central drama of the Jews. Every nation coalesces around such an epic; its people project themselves into the story, aspire to the virtues of its heroes, and through periodic retelling or dramatization, transmit their values to the next generation. The traditional Haggadah offers a set of instructions for conducting the Passover service, interspersed with readings from the Bible, rabbinical commentaries, legends, prayers, hymns and children's songs. Written by men and addressing men, though, the traditional text has not historically offered much space for women to see themselves as fully involved in or spoken to by the powerful drama of human freedom articulated by the Haggadah.

    For Martha Shelley, creating this re-visionary version of the Haggadah meant opening up that much-needed space for herself and other women within this tradition: "I wanted to write a Haggadah that addresses women, and not only Jewish women; one that speaks of our oppression and victories--and also of the darkness in our souls incorporating into a n that collaborates with Pharaoh. A Haggadah with a Gaian sense of the divine. And a Haggadah that sings.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah for All Generations

    By Morris E. Eson
    The Passover Haggadah For All generations is truly designed for all participants,young and old, attending the family Seder. With chldren in mind, Dr.Eson has clarified and developed through extensive research answers to questions that the probing young mind might have. It is truly a different Haggadah and is sure to make the family Seder an exciting experience.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    Because We Were Slaves:
    A Concise Haggadah for All of Us

    By Claire E. Gorfinkel & Charles Davis
    This Haggadah evolved over a period of more than twenty years, as its authors were called upon to share the Jewish festival of Passover with diverse ecumenical communities. Authentially Jewish, it is designed to make Passover accessible to people who are not familiar with the tradition, whether they are non-Jews or Jews who have drifted away from their tradition. This Haggadah is designed to be used. It is complete. It is clear. It is concise. It is appropriate for adults as well as children. It is modern, and it incorporates all the essential elements of the tradition.

    Description from Publisher

    Becoming Free : A New Look at the Ancient Lesson : A Haggadah for Passover

    By Howard S. Rubenstein, Judith S. Rubenstein
    Becoming Free is a Passover Haggadah that, while filled with fun and singing and feasting, also emphasizes the torah teachings and commandments concerning the celebration of Passover. In the Torah, God commands us to celebrate as a festival forever that night when we prepared to go from slavery to freedom, when we were in the process of becoming free.

    This Haggadah, like the Torah, transmits the excitement and anticipation and preparation for our great escape--for becoming free. Passover is the holiday of becoming free. Passover is not, as it is traditionally celebrated, a celebration of freedom attained. It is not a Roman banquet, where celebrants, luxuriating in freedom attained, recline on pillows. Passover, rather, is a Hebrew banquet, where the participants are vigilant, asking questions, alert and erect, eagerly waiting for God's moment when we can become free.

    This Haggadah, like the Torah, emphasizes that Jewish survival itself, and not only the escape from Egypt, is dependent upon the authentic celebration of Passover. That is why preparing for the escape from Egypt has meaning for every generation. That is why Becoming Free is such an important Haggadah.

    Description from Publisher

    On Wings of Freedom: The Hillel Haggadah for the Nights of Passover

    By Rabbi Richard N. Levy
    Contains the traditional Haggadah, expertly translated, as well as alternate readings and transliteration.

    Description from Publisher

    The Passover Seder: Pathways Through the Haggadah

    By Rabbi Arthur Gilbert
    Abbreviated Seder with transliterations, readings, and songs, Illustrated. For home Seders, Religous School and Community Sedarim.

    Description from Publisher

    Meron Passover Haggadah

    By Michal Meron
    This attractive Haggadah, featuring the works of Michal Meron, is a bold and colorful addition to the seder table. Meron, one of Israel’s foremost artistic talents, combines her unique creativity with the traditional seder text to create a gorgeous tribute to the festival of Passover. From the ten plagues, to the crossing of the Red Sea, to the joyous conclusion of ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’, each page features the glorious artwork of Michal Meron, alongside the seder text in both Hebrew and English. Easy to follow, beautifully designed and richly illustrated.

    The works of Michal Meron have been exhibited in Israel, Europe, Australia, South Africa and the USA, and she has a permanent display in her own gallery in exclusive Old Jaffa.

    Description from Publisher

    (Frogs, Beasts, "Who Knows 11?")

    In Every Generation: A Treasury of Inspiration for Passover and the Seder

    By Sidney Greenberg & Pamela Roth
    This rich and uplifting anthology devoted to the holiday of Passover brings together many highly creative and prominent contemporary writers whose contributions all serve to enhance our experience of the Seder, the most ancient, continuously celebrated ceremony which the Jewish people have observed throughout the generation.

    During the Passover Seder, we read from the Haggadah that "in every generation" it is our obligation to retell the story of the exodus from Egypt. The editors of In Every Generation: A Treasury of Inspiration for Passover and the Seder help us to fulfill this mitzvah by selecting from among the finest teachers of our time, each of whom offers timely and timeless insight into the major themes as well as the details of this holy Jewish festival.

    Among the inspiring and diverse authors to be found in this exceptional volume are Elie Wiesel, Lawrence Kushner, Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Shlomo Riskin, and Peninnah Schram, to name a few. Although the contributors to this volume represent a wide spectrum within the Jewish community, all have been carefully chosen to enrich our appreciation of this holiday in general, and the family Seder in particular.

    Rabbi Sidney Greenberg, well known for his many fine anthologies on a variety of Jewish topics, and Pamela Roth, the Managing Editor of the Jewish Book Club, have searched through the literature, looking for the best writing on the many fundamental aspects of Passover. Selections include essays on important topics such as the spiritual preparation necessary for participation at a Seder, the concepts and realities of freedom and slavery in ancient and modern life, the contemporary meaning of the many symbols connected to this holiday, and even a look at the relationship between the Passover Seder and the psychotherapeutic process. Also included is a description of a Passover Seder by a Jewish prisoner in a federal institution.

    Many families often look for additional readings on Passover themes in order to supplement their Seders, and in doing so they too participate in the Divine Commandment to retell the story of the Children of Israel and their exodus from Egypt. In Every Generation: A Treasury of Inspiration for Passover and the Seder is the perfect sourcebook to prepare for and to celebrate the Passover holiday.

    Description from Publisher

    Pesach Haggadah of the Musar Masters: Hagadas Gedolay Tanuos Hamussar

    By Rabbi Shalom M. Wallach
    The Mussar masters had incisive, profound comments on every area of life and learning. This anthology combs the wealth of Mussar/ethical literature to create an unusually stimulating commentary.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah of the Chassidic Masters: The Passover Haggadah with the Commentary of Don Isaac Abarbanel

    By Rabbi Shalom Meir Wallach
    This anthology of writings, teachings and anecdotes of scores of famous and lesser-known rebbes is a treasure house of chassidic literature and tradition. A commentary that can be savored at any time of the year.

    Description from Publisher

    Pesach Haggadah: Lighting Up the Night

    By Moshe Eisemann
    An outstanding thinker and teacher examines and sheds light on the major topics of the Haggadah and the story of the Exodus, especially as they relate to the modern world.

    Description from Publisher

    The Peninim Haggadah

    By Rabbi A. L. Scheinbaum
    The Haggadah text with an English translation, accompanied by thought-provoking insights and an informative question-and-answer section. A publication of the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland.

    Description from Publisher

    The Ohr Somayach Haggadah

    By Rabbi Uziel Milevsky
    This Haggadah, based on the classes which the author gave for many years in Jerusalem, speaks directly to the Jew of today and will enrich the Seder table of both newcomer and veteran in search of deeper understanding.

    Description from Publisher

    Freedom of the Soul Haggadah

    By Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser
    Inspiring, uplifting, and insightful!

    For those who have never heard Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser speak, or have never had the chance to read his works, this unique Haggadah offers a golden opportunity to make the acquaintance of one of today's most popular exponents of the Torah way of life. Since the difficulty of finding just the right Torah thought or the appropriate story presents itself every year at the Pesach Seder, readers will appreciate the rich assortment of commentary Rabbi Goldwasser offers. His insightful observations not only address the many challenges we face today, but also offer a refreshing and profound understanding of the Haggadah.

    Anyone who has ever listened to Rabbi Goldwasser speak at any one of his many engagements around the world needs needs no further persuasion to acquire this Haggadah.

    Anyone else -- read this Haggadah, and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah Simchas Yavetz: Insights and Comments on the Pesach Haggadah: Its Text, Form and Structure

    By Rabbi David Cohen
    What is the Haggadah? The centerpiece of the Seder -- yes. A collection of stories, interpretations, and praises -- yes. A springboard for ideas and hopes -- yes.

    It is all of those, but it is much more. For the Haggadah is a collection of Scriptural verses, Talmud and Midrash. To understand it clearly requires a command of the breadth and depth of Torah literature. When one finds a person who combines such intellectual accomplishment with incisive thought, originality, and felicity of language -- one has found a master interpreter capable of bringing the Haggadah to life.

    Such a person is Rabbi David Cohen.

    He is a scholar, teacher, thinker, author, posek.

    He is guide, counsel, friend. He is a complete talmid chacham. Such a person is capable of plumbing the subtleties and nuances of the Haggadah and bringing to bear upon it the full spectrum of Rabbinic thought and literature.

    In this commentary, Rabbi Cohen reveals the brilliance that has made him a magnet for people seeking the highest level of Torah knowledge. Those who study this Haggadah will find a richness they never imagined existed in the narrative that they have recited routinely -- perhaps even mechanically -- since their youth. This Haggadah is a joy -- a Simchas Yaabetz.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah: The Original Tradition of the Jews of Yemen

    By Ben-Tsur Chaim
    Yemenite Jews have contributed their full share to the development of the Jewish religion and culture preserving ancient religious ideas and practices. Many Yemenite Jews are great scholars, individuals who know by heart the Torah, the prayers, and large portions of Jewish literature.The Yemenite community is the most literate of all Jewish communities when it comes to the Bible and the prayers. Famous scholars assert that to understand the laws of the Mishna and Talmud, one has to live with Yemenite Jews.Yemenite Hebrew has been acknowledged by some researchers to contain the most ancient phonetic and grammatical features dating back to the early days of the first Temple. Ancient Hebrew manuscripts were often copied and preserved in Yemen. The Jewish Yemenite prayer book (the "Tiklal") is completely different from the Ashkenazic and Sephardic prayer books. Rambam (Maimonides) always referred to the text in the Yemenite prayer book. Yemenite culture is a way of life affecting every activity at home, school, or in the synagogue. Its tradition is richly represented in art, crafts, music and literature. Yemenite garments, jewelry, embroidery, woven fabrics, carpets, and prayer shawls are famous for their high quality. Yemenite melodies and singers are today the most prominent elements in Jewish and Israeli music and the "Yemenite step" is danced in many Israeli folk dances. Our wedding customs, including the "henna" ceremony, are nowadays accepted and combined with Sephardic and Ashkenazic rituals.

    This book, Passover Haggadah The Original Tradition of the Jews of Yemen,is the only Yemenite Haggadah with English translation and has special features:
    • Hebrew and English text, side by side - printed in two colors
    • Marvelous color cover with two original paintings
    • Clear and easy to read font
    • Hard cover
    • 120 pages of quality gloss paper

    Description from Publisher

    The Palace Gates Haggadah: Parables for the Pesach Seder

    By Rabbi Shalom Wallach
    This Haggadah offers a refreshing selection of parables to illustrate the Haggadah text and enliven the Seder. Translated from 'Sha'arei Armon,' this volume provides new insights into the Exodus from Egypt.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah: Vilna Gaon

    The Passover Haggadah with commentaries by the Vilna Gaon and his son R' Avraham

    By Rabbi Yisrael Herczeg
    The very name of the Gra conjures images of towering Torah stature. From a small room in Vilna he shed illumination on every area of Torah. From halachah to kabbalah, Talmud to Shulchan Aruch to Tanach, the Jewish people have been infinitely enriched by the Gaon of Vilna.

    In the Vilna Gaon Haggadah, his son, Rabbeinu Avraham, one of the major conduits for his teachings, amplifies his ideas and brings them within the realm our understanding. The adaptations clarifies and crystallizes the major and minor themes of the Seder night -- while exposing the reader to the very special derech, approach, of the Vilna Gaon.

    Full color soil resistant laminated cover.

    Description from Publisher

    The Vintage Haggadah

    By Rabbi Binyamin Adler
    A clear, contemporary English translation of the volume known as the "Shulchan Aruch of Haggados." Includes over 100 pages on the laws of the day preceding Passover eve, and the Seder, as well as the insightful commentaries of our beloved Sages and Torah luminaries throughout the generations.

    Description from Publisher

    Art Haggadah for Passover

    By Zalman Kleinman
    A beautiful, Hebrew Haggadah with more than 50 illustrations by renowned Chasidic artist Zalman Kleinman. The pictures are inspired by Judaism's rich oral tradition and Midrashic stories associated with the Exodus from Egypt as well as the text of the Haggadah itself. The questions and discussions they provoke will capture the interest of both children and adults.

    Description from Publisher

    A Sephardic Passover Haggadah

    By Marc D. Angel
    Translation and commentary by Rabbi Marc D. Angel includes a running commentary drawn from the teachings of Sephardic ages throughout the generations.

    Description from Publisher

    The Secrets of the Haggadah: A Commentary on the Passover Haggadah

    By Matityahu Glazerson
    The Haggadah, one of the best known texts of our sacred literature, is rich in meaning. Once again Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has used his unique approach to uncover the exalted ideas that the words and letters of the holy language, Hebrew, convey. This approach is especially suited to the study of the Haggadah, for the holiday of Passover does not only symbolize our redemption, but is also symbolic of the holy language.

    Pharaoh's underlying motive was to break down the barriers that separated the Jew from the Egyptian, thus effecting our spiritual downfall through assimilation. The sages teach that one of the reasons why the Jews in Egypt deserved to be redeemed was that they continued to speak Hebrew. In this way they guaranteed their distinctiveness and their sanctity.

    Description from Publisher

    The Schocken Passover Haggadah

    By Nahum N. Glatzer
    The custom of telling the story of the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is observed year after year by millions of Jews at the Passover Seder. The Haggadah, the script of the "retelling" read during the festive meal, dates from the first century of the Common Era, and is an essential part of the holiday celebration. The Schocken Passover Haggadah presents the full, traditional text in both Hebrew and English (on facing pages); a concise running commentary explaining the origins and meaning of the rituals and customs of the Seder; and a selection of contemporary readings certain to spark the spirited discussion that is the hallmark of this ceremony of remembrance.

    Elegantly illustrated with black and white drawings gathered from ancient and modern texts from around the world--Holland and India, Renaissance Italy, the displaced persons camps of post-World War II Germany--The Schocken Passover Haggadah will make a beautiful and valued addition to any Seder table.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah, With Insights from the Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

    By Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson

    Compiled by Yosef B. Marcus
    This Haggadah offers a sampling of the Rebbe's thought's and teachings.

    Description from Publisher

    Do not shy away from this because you are not "religious" enough!! This Haggudah provides insights into the meaning of Passover, with stories and naratives that add a richness and a freshness to a familiar story, one might think they know by heart. It is to the heart, it is written, and evey reader will be personally touched in a unique way!

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    The Rishon Transliterated Haggadah :

    The Complete Hebrew Text with English Translation and Transliteration in Linear Format
    The first and only complete transliterated Passover Haggadah. The complete Hebrew text with english translation and transliteration in an easy to read linear Format.

    Modern Hebrew Pronunciation.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah Shiras Yehudah

    By Rabbi Eliezer Ginsburg
    A king once sought to assemble a symphony orchestra. Invitations to audition were issued and hundreds of musicians responded -- all of them virtuosos. Yet no symphony could be played, for they were all violinists.

    It is only with the blending of all the different sounds, tones and overtones that the melodious whole is produced.

    Torah as a whole is called shirah, song. The many facets of Torah interpretation complement and enhance each other, resulting in a creation of sheer brilliance and beauty; all the different streams flow into one refreshing body of Torah water.

    Haggadah Shiras Yehudah is just this type of harmonious Torah creation. Talmudic insight and mussar sensitivity, the profundity of the Brisker Rav and the creative genius of Rav Hutner all add their hues to this panaromic presentation of our national birth.

    A resounding message of emunah and a heightened awareness of the uniqueness of Klal Yisrael and its mission emanate from every page of Haggadah Shiras Yehudah.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah Vayaged Moshe :

    Comments from the writings of Harav Moshe Feinstein zt"l with an English adaptation

    By Rabbi Moshe Feinstein
    The complete Haggadah with translation and instructions; accompanied by a new insightful commentary adapted from the writings and teachings of the great gaon, tzaddik, and posek Rabbi Moshe Feinstein. A must for anyone with an appreciation for Torah greatness.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah Treasury

    By Rabbi Nosson Scherman
    The Haggadah Treasury, Rabbi Nosson Scherman's anthology of insights, interpretations, and parables enables young and old - harried after the endless preparations for Pesach and too tired for scholarly commentary - to find a wealth of material that will enhance their Seder table.

    Layman and scholar will find much here that is new and provocative and much that is familiar and beloved. As he has done so many times in the past, Rabbi Scherman successfully captures the essence of the topic on which he is writing. This time it is the Seder - old and remembered yet an eternal wellspring of stimulation and inspiration.

    Description from Publisher

    Hirsch Haggadah

    By Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
    Rav Hirsch's incisive commentaries on the Scriptural and Midrashic elements which comprise the Haggadah. With five masterful essays about Pesach.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah

    By Rabbi Nathan Goldberg
    Numbered lines, Hebrew and English, 96 pages, multi-colored paper cover. The numbered llines allows the seder reader to announce the page and line number.This allows each participant to follow the service and take part in the Seder.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah: Anah Dodi

    By David Feinstein
    At the Seder, people think of Rabbi David Feinstein as the halachic authority, whose Kol Dodi Haggadah sets forth and clarifies the procedure for every aspect of the Seder.

    But there is another, barely known, facet of the man’s astounding Torah greatness -- one that became known to the general public only with the publication of his Kol Dodi on the Torah. For many years he has delivered shiurim on the weekly Torah reading every Friday at Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem, where he serves as Rosh Yeshiva. In those lectures, this self-effacing scholar analyzes the construction of a phrase, compares it with similar texts, notes nuances that elude most students, delves into human nature, cites obscure but relevant teachings of the Sages, and sheds light on halachic and ethical teachings.

    His approach is original. His conclusions are unique applications of classic rabbinic elucidation. One can close his eyes and let his imagination drift to the great Torah masters of old as he listens to these superb gems of timeless wisdom. Until now, these outstanding shiurim were known only to those who attended the lectures, many of whom juggled their professional schedules to come.

    In this brilliant work, Rabbi Feinstein does the same with the Haggadah. With the Rosh Yeshiva’s cooperation many of his insights and interpretations on the Haggadah have now been adapted by Pinchos Osher Rohr for the delight of thousands at their own Seder.

    To those who know the Rosh Yeshiva’s brilliance, it will be a welcome reminder of his teachings. To those who have never heard him, it will be like the sunrise of a clear day -- a flash of light that will continue to give warmth, light and pleasure.

    Description from Publisher

    Ben Ish Chai Haggadah

    By Shalom Meir Wallach
    The text of the Haggadah in both Hebrew and English, with stories, parables, and sayings of Hacham Yosef Hayyim of Baghdad.

    Description from Publisher

    Here in America, we Jews have all blended together so well that many of our own customs - especially for those not from Europe - have almost been forgotten. What an important contribution it is, therefore, that that Iraqi Jewish Haggadah is now avaiable in English and Hebrew. This is a Haggadah that every Iraqi Jewish family in America (or any English-speaking country) should have!

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    The Lehmann Haggadah

    By Rabbi Marcus Lehmann
    A wide range of classic commentary together with Rabbi Lehmann's own insights and interpretations on the eternal themes of Passover.

    Description from Publisher

    Ramban: The Passover Haggadah with a Commentary Anthologized from the Writings of Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman

    By Yosef Israel
    Ramban, or Nachmanides, is at the front rank of Torah commentators: leader of Spanish Jewry in the twelfth century, representative of the nation in historic debates with the Church fathers of Spain, pioneer in the restoration of Jerusalem’s almost extinct Jewish community, and -- most of all, as the author of profound and premier commentaries on the Torah, Talmud, and other works.

    Ramban did not write on the Haggadah per se, but in the vast body of his writings, there is much that clarifies the themes of the Haggadah. Would it ever be brought together in the form of a continuous commentary?

    It remained for Yosef Israel to do so, and in this volume he does so magnificently.

    He has plumbed the entire corpus of the Ramban’s writings and extracted everything that pertains to the Haggadah. He does it seamlessly, so that the reader is hardly conscious of the fact that this is an anthology, rather than an original work. What is important is that here, for the first time, Ramban’s ideas on the Haggadah are available in one coherent, flowing whole.

    More works have been written on the Haggadah than on any other book in our literature -- and for good reason. Every Seder is enriched by the presence of commentary after commentary, insight after insight. Now, thanks to the loving and thorough research of Yosef Israel, Ramban and his ideas move to the front rank of the genre.

    Full color soil resistant laminated cover.

    Description from Publisher

    The Golden Haggadah

    By Bezalel Narkiss
    Twelve of the greatest works of all time are collected in this dazzling tribute to artistic genius. Bosch, Monet, Gauguin, van Gogh, Botticelli, Degas, and other masters are represented.

    The Golden Haggadah (written and illustrated in northern Spain around 1320) is one of the outstanding works in The British Library's world-renowned collection of Hebrew manuscripts. Traditionally the most richly decorated of all Jewish prayer books, the Haggadah is used by Jews around the world in the celebration of Passover. This book presents a superbly illustrated account of the Golden Haggadah's creation and history and reproduces all the major illustrations in color. It provides an accessible introduction to Hebrew script art as well as an authoritative commentary on the Golden Haggadah's content and illustrative scheme.

    Description from Publisher

    At our Rebbes' Seder Table : [Hagadah shel Pesah] : Commentaries and Stories on the Haggadah

    By Eli Touger
    Commentary and Stories on the Haggadah collected from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the preceding Rebbeim of Chabad The Haggadah you've been waiting for! A precise and flowing translation. Direct and to the point instructions. An anthology of commentaries and stories from the Rebbeim that will add depth, interest, and scope to your Seder. Bring all the Rebbeim from the Baal Shem Tov until the Rebbe to your Seder table.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah: The Complete Seder

    By Arthur M. Silver

    The Agam Haggadah

    By Yaacov Agam
    An exquisite collection of internationally acclaimed artist, Yaacov Agam's color reproductions can now be yours! Here is a beautiful work of art to be enjoyed and used Passover after Passover.

    Description from Publisher

    A Feast of History: The Drama of Passover Through the Ages: With a New Translation of the Haggadah for Use at the Seder

    By Chaim Raphael

    Commentators' Haggadah: Anthology

    By Yitzchok Semler

    The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book

    By Nan Meyer
    Nan Meyer is to be congratulated! She has written a Haggadah with which Jewish families can welcome their non-Jewish friends and relatives to the Seder table. But in the process she has produced a Seder book that many Jews who have lost touch with but wish to return to their culture will find inviting to use. The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book is not only entirely user-friendly, it also provides practical suggestions for preparation and conduction of the Seder, and it gives the Seder service in a step-by-step, easy to follow sequence. In an era where Jews are becoming increasingly assimilated into the population, through both intermarriage and simple acculturation, it's easy to lose touch with their heritage. Getting back in touch with it can be difficult. However, this Haggadah can ease the retunr. It is very comfortable to use. It is in no way intimidating, the Hebrew that is used appropriately is also used sparingly, but in ways that are familiar. It is as appropriate to the ex-patriot Jews who wish to return as it is to non-Jews. Nan Meyer has made an important social contribution with her Haggadah.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    I originally wrote this book so that my Christian daughters-in-law would know what was going on and would be comfortable at our family's Seder table. As I worked I discovered that in traditional haggadahs (the manual used to direct the Seder), the Exodus tale was not told as much as referred to. So I set out to tell the story (as the Bible commands: "and you shall tell your child"). And, I incorporated in the telling all the facts we now know: i.e.: how long the Jews were in Egypt, the name of the pharaoh, etc. I also stripped away repetition (to do something once is meaningful; to do it two or more times is boring, especially to the children, and it's for them the story is told). I edited down long passages, and wrote and substituted songs wherever possible. Instead of reading about the troubles the Jews had in Egypt, I wrote the story to the tune of Old Man River which everyone sings. The Four Questions, which must be asked by the youngest person at the table, is set to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... which a four year old can learn, even if he doesn't or she doesn't have someone to teach the Hebrew version.

    I also incorporated into the telling all the explanations we have been giving for years to our non-Jewish guests. The supper is meant to be a learning lesson about how the Jews left Egypt. In my book, it is told with songs, games and special foods. Friends heard about my project and had sent me the customs and materials used in their Seders. After the book was written and electronically published, I gave copies of it to my family and sent the contributing friends copies of my finished project. To my amazement, orders began to pour in. With 72% of Jews marrying out of faith, everyone was related to or knew of someone who would like to read The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book.

    Description by the Author

    The Twelve Page Family Haggadah

    By Lois June Wickstrom
    This Haggadah tells the story of Jewish enslavement in Egypt, the Exodus, and the founding of Israel in 12 pages, so you can get through the entire service with plenty of time to eat and chat. Buying one floppy disk entitles the buyer to print as many copies as needed for the family seder. The PDF file is formatted for printing as a booklet.

    Description from Publisher

    An Archeological Passover Haggadah

    By Benno Rothenberg

    A Feast of History: The Drama of Passover Through the Ages: With a New Translation of the Haggadah for Use at the Seder

    By Chaim Raphael

    Haggadah and History: A Panorama in Facsimile of Five Centuries of the Printed Haggadah from the Collections of Harvard University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of

    By Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi
    Haggadah and History is a wonderful resource because it allows us to view segments of haggadahs printed throughout the past 400+ years, and gives us insights into the historical/cultural influences present in those haggadahs.

    You can use Haggadah and History at your seder for giving tangible examples of our people's observance of the Passover seder throughout history. By bringing something new to the seder, you renew and expand your family's connection to the Seder ritual.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    The Journey Continues

    By Debbie Friedman

    Song List:
    1. B'ruchot Habaot
    2. The Time Is Now
    3. Light These Lights (Oh Hear My Prayer)
    4. The Journey Song
    5. Kadeish Urchatz
    6. Mi Shebeirach
    7. Ha Lachma
    8. Ma Nishtana
    9. Avadim Hayinu
    10. L'chi Lach
    11. Kadish D'rabanan
    12. Miriam's Song
    13. Dayeinu
    14. B'chol Dor Vador
    15. B'tzeit Yisraeil
    16. Ma L'cha Hayam
    17. Shir Hama-Alot
    18. Birkat Hamazon
    19. Eiliyahu Hanavi
    20. Mir'yam Han'viah
    21. Hodu
    22. Min Hameitzar
    23. Hal'luyah-Psalm
    24. L'shana Haba-A

    Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Debbie Friedman, presents this outstanding extended play recording of 24 beautifully arranged Hebrew and English songs that parallel the The Journey Continues : The Ma'yan Passover Haggadah of the same name. Debbie introduces new original songs, The Time Is Now, B'chol Dor Vador, and Birkat Hamazon, shares her seder appropriate renditions of Miriam's Song, L'chi Lach, Shir Hama-alot, Hodu, Hal'luyah and more, plus sings traditional Pesach songs Ha Lachma, Ma Nishtana, Avadim Hayinu, Ma L'cha Hayam, L'shana Ha-ba-a and others, like you've never heard them before! Perfect for use at home or communal seders as well as for pure enjoyment!

    Album Description

    Songs for a Family Seder

    Cantor Robert Freedman and Princeton Jewish center students. 45 minutes.

    Recordings of the songs from A Family Haggadah

    Haggadah Gems

    By Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Emanuel
    Like a jewel twinkling in the light, Haggadah Gems illuminates the familiar and beloved words of the Haggadah, bringing us a new and deeper understanding of the seminal event of Jewish history, the Exodus, and the Seder which marks it for generations.

    Description from Publisher

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