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A Different Night,
The Family Participation Haggadah
A Different Night is a family participation haggadah for all Jewish denominations and levels of knowledge that offers stories, discussions, explanations, readings, songs, activities and games. The art work is eclectic from Chagall, Rembrandt and Ben Shahn to cartoons. It features 20 illustrations of the 4 children including the 4 daughters. The language is accessible and directions complete and it offers both a short "bare-bone seder" (1 hour) and a long seder guaranteed to be fun and intelectually stimulating for adults, teenagers and children. Recommended by rabbis of all denominations, it has become an enormous best seller. The enormous variety of activities offered allow one to tailormake seder so that every year produce new Jewish memories.

Description from Publisher

Each Pesach we seek ways to make the Seder different and stimulating, being faithful to pedagogy and halacha at the same time. Here is a fascinating Haggadah for all Pesachs, demonstrating how to be both halachic and creative, while learning and having fun in the process.
- Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, Orthodox, Principal of the RAMAZ School, NYC

A Different Night is to my mind the best and most interesting Haggadah to appear in many years. The authors have managed to structure the book in imaginative ways that engage family members of all ages in serious and engaging discussions that explore the ever expanding meanings of the Passover Haggadah. The book is truly a delight.
- Dr. Barry W. Holtz Associate Professor of Jewish Education, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

This rich Haggadah enables Jews to connect with their tradition in deeply personal ways, while at the same time opening the tradition to Jews, showing it to be responsive and flexible. As I prepared for Pesach last year, this Haggadah taught me that our most important heritage is to question. It opened our Seder to deep and exciting discussions.
- Rabbi Rachel Cowan, Reform Director of Jewish Life Program, Nathan Cummings Foundation

Also Available: The Leader's Guide to The Family Participation Haggadah "A Different Night"
    The Leader's Guide is designed for seder leaders and for educators. For the seder leader there are practical suggestions for managing a participatory seder with children and adults of different ages. Shortcuts through the seder are provided as well as short background essays on Egyptian slavery (Nahum Sarna), Exodus and Revolution (Michael Walzer), Exodus metaphors for personal growth and a comparison of Moses and Herzl. Extra activities for the seder include a newspaper of the Exodus, roleplaying for the seder, a symposium of contemporary views on slavery and freedom and on the 4 children of the haggadah. Stories of exoduses in different generations include the Katmandu seder and the last seder in Ethiopia.

A Family Haggadah I : For Families with Young Children

By Shoshana Silberman
The text of this Haggadah follows the traditional order of the Passover Seder, uses non-sexist language, and is geared to the reading level of school-age children. Transliterations and translations of Hebrew blessings and prayers are included, as are additional discussion questions, seder songs, crafts, and games.

Our Family Haggadahs -- the original and Family Haggadah II -- which sold over 60,000 copies last year, continue to be a favorite choice for family and congregational seders, including special seders for singles and senior citizens. The seder service (which is the same in both versions) is easy to follow, includes all essential rituals, and is written in language that is clear and contemporary.

How are they different?

The original Family Haggadah (the cover is purple and green!) includes words to several favorite children's songs and commentary and questions geared to young children. The Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) is abbreviated.

The Family Haggadah II (the cover is multi-colored) has no children's songs, and the commentary is geared towards teens and adults. The service includes a full Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals). Family Haggadah II also comes in a large print edition for seder leaders and people with vision problems.

Description from Publisher

This Haggadah is perfect for families looking for a Haggadah that combines the traditional text with child-friendly thought-questions, games, and textual commentary. The Seder suggestions are excellent ways to keep children engaged throughout the Seder (i.e., cut out 4 numbered cups before Passover and hold up the appropriate cup to show which cup of wine is being blessed; how would YOU explain Passover to each of the four children?). A perfect way to keep elementary-aged children engaged throughout the Seder service.

Lori's Description

Older Edition Also Available

A Family Haggadah II : A Seder Service for All Ages

By Shoshana Silberman
The Haggadah you've come to love, with all-new commentary, a complete Birkat (blessing after meals), and discussions geared to older children and adults. Ideal as a new haggadah of choice, or as a change of pace for your second, third, or fourth night's celebration!

Our Family Haggadahs -- the original and Family Haggadah II -- which sold over 60,000 copies last year, continue to be a favorite choice for family and congregational seders, including special seders for singles and senior citizens. The seder service (which is the same in both versions) is easy to follow, includes all essential rituals, and is written in language that is clear and contemporary.

How are they different?

The original Family Haggadah (the cover is purple and green!) includes words to several favorite children's songs and commentary and questions geared to young children. The Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals) is abbreviated.

The Family Haggadah II (the cover is multi-colored) has no children's songs, and the commentary is geared towards teens and adults. The service includes a full Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals). Family Haggadah II also comes in a large print edition for seder leaders and people with vision problems.

Description from Publisher

This Haggadah follows the same format and uses similar text as A Family Haggadah, but this version is geared towards older children. It features thought-questions geared towards a more mature audience ("Dayenu teaches us to switch from the mentality of always wanting more to being grateful for what we have. Of all the feeds that God performed for the Jewish people, for which are you the most grateful.") and the activities are more complicated ("Meet the Press" with the Passover characters). A perfect way to keep older children engaged throughout the Seder service.

Lori's Description

Older Edition Also Available

The Family Haggadah

By Ellen Schecter
Although really intended for parents to use with their children at a family Passover seder, this attractive book may also be useful to children wanting to plan their own model celebration. Schecter gives instructions for setting the holiday table as well as a nonsexist, much simplified version (including a reference to Miriam's cup) of the Passover service, with the story and some of the traditional music and prayers accompanied by transliteration from the Hebrew. Portions of the text have been designated for a leader to read aloud. A final section contains suggestions for parents wanting to involve the children in seder preparation and participation. Black-and-white illustrations in Neil Waldman's signature graphic style complete an attractive package that introduces one of the Jewish calendar's most beautiful holidays.

From Booklist

This very user-friendly Haggadah is a superb choice for families with young children or guests who may not be familiar with the Seder service. Throughout the book, several creative options are suggested to help enhance the Seder experience. While the service itself is quite abbreviated, there are also multiple explanations for why and how the Seder is structured the way it is. Sheet music is also scattered throughout. Gender-neutral language is used to create the most inclusive service possible. An excellent choice either for the leader to deviate from the traditional text or for every member of the Seder for an interactive Seder.

Lori's Description

The Passover Journey :
A Seder Companion

By Barbara Diamond Goldin
A lovely book that's intended as a companion to, rather than a substitute for, a Passover Haggadah. The text is divided into two sections: one deals with the biblical stories and ancient rabbinic writings (Midrashim) telling of Moses's birth and how he was able to lead the Jewish people out of enslavement; the second discusses the Seder service and various traditions surrounding it. Well-researched, and written in simple but effective language, this will be welcomed in general collections, by families wanting to enrich their understanding and celebration of Passover, and by synagogues and religious schools. Waldman's watercolors are quietly handsome--even when depicting the plagues that were sent to scourge the Egyptians. Useful and attractive.

Description by Kirkus Reviews

Why on This Night?
Why on This Night?:
A Passover Haggadah for Family Celebration
Teaming their considerable talents, Musleah and August offer a stop-and-take-notice version of the book used to lead families through the seder, the home service, and the festive meal that opens the eight-day Passover celebration. Subtle reminders of the holiday's celebration of freedom are enfolded into Musleah's poetic explanations of the symbolic foods and traditions, as well as questions that encourage participation in the celebration. The Hebrew prayers are gender neutral and written with transliterations and English translations so everyone can be involved in the service. The scores and lyrics of traditional songs, as well as illuminating comments about their meanings, are included, and songs set to melodies such as "Yankee Doodle," add a lighthearted touch for children. There are also folk stories and a brief, four-act play. August's jubilant, signature linocuts, printed in oils on rice paper, bloom in the colors and stylized images of spring and the Middle East's flowers and fruits. Their luminous colors and rich textures lend a radiance to the majestic depiction of the seder plate and wrap the images of G-d's intervention to free the Israelites in spirituality. The vibrant writing and artistic creativity of this memorable collaboration vitalize an ancient Jewish tradition for contemporary children.

Description by Booklist, January 1, 2000

Rahel Musleah has put together a superb children's Haggadah. Why On This Night? refers to the traditional Four Questions asked by the youngest person at the table. This title is most approrpriate for a book that invites children to explore more than just the old-fashioned text. Children are encouraged to participate in the Seder in many possible ways. Songs are included (some familiar, some will likely be new), crafts, recipes, and even a play depicting the Exodus from Egypt. The commentary on the text is written in language preschoolers and elementary school children will understand and relate to, yet the language is not too juvenile that adults will be bored. Parents may choose to use this Haggadah as a stand-alone text for their family Seder or as a supplementary companion to their "adult" Haggadah. An excellent choice for family Seders.

Lori's Description

Sammy Spider's First Haggadah

By Sylvia A. Rouss
Invite Sammy Spider to your Passover seder! Beginning with the blessings over the candles and wine, through the asking of the Four Questions and the retelling of the story of the Exodus, this child-friendly Haggadah is the perfect choice for preschools, model seders, and young families.

Sammy Spiderís First Haggadah rounds out the trio of Sammy Passover books, which includes Sammy Spiderís First Passover and Sammy Spiderís Passover Fun Book.

Description from Publisher

In this third Passover title added to Sammy Spider's First Passover and Sammy Spider's Passover Fun Book from the popular Sammy Spider series, Rouss tells the story of Passover and explains the holiday in terms that young children can understand. She includes little songs with melodies suggested by Sammy, such as singing "Make Room for Matzah" to the tune of "On Top of Old Smokey" and "Fill the Seder Plate" to the tune of "London Bridge" There is a checklist of what belongs on the seder table, illustrated with the objects named in the list. Then she has Sammy teach the answers to the four questions, in English, and the prayers over the candles, wine, matzah, bitter herbs and charoset, in English and Hebrew, with the transliteration for each. She provides parts for a reader and chorus to tell the story of Moses and Passover at the Seder. The book ends with the search for the Afikomen; an original little song called "Crunch Goes the Matzah" (sung to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel,") a blessing for after the meal, a brief explanation of Elijah's Cup with an accompanying song, and a transliterated Dayenu. No music notation is included for any of the songs. Kahn's vividly colored cut-paper illustrations add a lively touch to the informative, young child-appropriate text. The author explains the ten plagues as "ten bad things made by God to change Pharaoh's mind about letting the Jewish people leave." She includes text and illustrations for four of the plagues: frogs, lice, wheat-eating locusts, and darkness, but does not explain the last plague - killing the first-born- in deference to book's young audience. This would be excellent to use at a family Seder with young children, and at model Seders for the youngest classes at school. For ages 3 - 6.

Description from Jewish Book World Magazine
Family Haggadah
Family Haggadah : A Seder for All Generations

By Elie Gindi
This wonderful, easy-to-follow Family Haggadah was designed as a guide for the seder experience where young people are present. Seder participants are provided with easy-to-read instructions for a smooth and traditional ceremony. Special features include text boxes scattered throughout that provide questions and engaging commentary, encouraging thoughtful discussion. Images of ancient and modern illuminated Haggadot and artifacts adorn the text of this unique Haggadah, allowing the reader a chance to view a rarely seen part of Passover history. Seder participants will experience Passover not simply through words, but through a feast of rich and vibrant images.

Special Features:
  • Large format, open layout
  • Quick and easy to follow
  • Plagues illustrated in a light-hearted, child-friendly way
  • Includes The Frog Song and Bang, Bang, Bang
  • Transliteration of all blessings and songs encourages participation
  • Some Hebrew provided

    Publisher Description
  • Season of Renewal : A Family Haggadah
    Season of Renewal : A Family Haggadah

    By Rabbi Dr. John Levy and Naomi Tippett
    Perfect for:
  • Families with elementary school children
  • Model seders
  • Congregational family seders

    Special Features:
  • Illustrated with beautiful collages and flowers created by schoolchildren
  • Annotations explain the rituals to foster understanding
  • Optional discussion questions
  • Hebrew provided throughout
  • Blessings transliterated
  • Ten pages of songs, with Hebrew, English, and transliteration
  • Companion website lets you hear the songs
  • Flexible time commitment -- Vary the length of your seder from 30 minutes to 2 hours

    Publisher Description

  • (Left Cover)

    (Right Cover)

    A Passover Haggadah

    By Elie Wiesel & Mark Podwal
    A Passover Haggadah, retelling the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt, guides families every year through their Passover Seder. A Passover Haggadah faithfully renders the entire text of story, prayer, and song, with commentary by Elie Wiesel. Expertly interwoven, Wiesel's commentary (recalling memories of his own boyhood Seders and reflecting on Israel's place in the modern world) may be read aloud, along with the traditional text, in whole or in part. Drawings by Mark Powdal add joyous, fearsome, and poignant moments to the reader's experience throughout. At the beginning, just before the recitation of the Kiddush, one illustration depicts a contemporary Seder table whose length stretches into a path crossing a huge picture of the desert of ancient Egypt. The scene in the book is the beginning of the journey, the table is the destination, and, with this beautiful Haggadah, the story continues among us.

    Description from Amazon.com

    We Were Slaves: An Interactive Haggadah
    Here is a short, accurate, clear, and easy to use Haggadah. This is both the perfect teaching Haggadah and the ideal volume for home use. The text is traditional but shortened, the graphics highlight the structure and steps in the Haggadah, and the seder it offers is both brief yet complete.

    Description from Publisher

    See Amazon.com website to look inside the book.

    30 Minute Seder: The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition

    By Robert Kopman
    Large Print Edition also available

    The "Must Have" Haggadah written for the contemporary Jewish family. This refreshingly brief, Rabbinically approved Passover Haggadah maintains the reverence of Passover while keeping the high points intact. The contemporary gender-neutral text, beautiful full-color illustrations, and Seder songs make for a memorable Passover Seder that engages and entertains the entire family.

    30minute-Sederô contains simple directions and Passover Seder plate instructions. Hebrew prayers are also provided with transliteration. The treatment given to the four-children (traditionally the four sons) is simply brilliant. The four-questions and their answers are presented in a truly thought provoking way. For the leader of the Seder or guests that prefer a larger format, an easy-to-read large print version of 30minute-Sederô is also available.

    This fun-to-read Passover Haggadah is perfect for the family on the go and appeals to new and experienced Seder participants alike.

    Description from Publisher

    The Seder Activity Book

    By Judy Dick
    Here are 4 questions that occur at many a Passover seder table- Is it dinner yet?, What does this mean to me?, Why canít this be more fun?, and (again) Is it dinner yet?? Our new Seder Activity Book attempts to give an answer to these questions. With quiet games and activities that actively involve children in the Passover Seder, children will enjoy using their Seder Activity Book at their seats as they follow along with the leader. As they flip through the pages of the book they will learn all about the order of the Seder and the rituals associated with it.. They will delight in activities such as decorating a Seder invitation, completing dot-to-dots, and discovering why and how we celebrate Passover. Donít be surprised if this book doesnít just stay at the ďkidísĒ table! Teachers can also make learning fun in the classroom by using this book to teach about Passover.

    Description from Publisher

    The ArtScroll Children's Haggadah

    By Shmuel Blitz
    Shmuel Blitz and his brilliant childrenís books never cease to amaze, this is his seventh book -- and they just seem to get better and better. This time, he puts his talents to the task of creating a Childrenís Haggadah, and the result is one that will be enjoyed by child and grown-up alike. Specifically written for children ages 4-8, the full Hebrew text of the Haggadah is accompanied by a child-oriented, yet accurate English translation. There are clear, precise instructions that will guide the child through every stage of the Seder. And, each page contains a box that provides additional information about the Pesach narrative for the interested youngster.

    The Pesach story comes alive for your children with this haggadah, complete with the full Hebrew text, a child-oriented, yet accurate English translation, clear instructions, a box on each page containing additional information, and breathtaking illustrations.

    This Haggadah will be an invaluable addition to your childís Seder (and to yours)!

    Description from Publisher

    This is a superb choice for families with young young children. This complete Haggadah features large text and bright pictures to make the prayers accessible to children. Bubbles filled with "Did you Know?" trivia and "A Closer Look" will further keep children interested. An excellent resource to engage children in the Seder.

    Lori's Description

    Artscroll Youth Haggadah
    Artscroll Youth Haggadah:
    Fully Illustrated, with the Complete Text, Simplified Translation and Comments
    Looking for a way to get your children excited about the Seder? Try The ArtScroll Youth Haggadah, by Rabbi Nosson Scherman and Rabbi Yitzchok Zev Scherman. For children who have outgrown all the other youth Haggadahs, but will be bored by those geared toward adults, this edition will open their eyes to the richness of the Seder night.

    With its simplified introduction and commentary, its clear translation alongside the full Hebrew text, and its attractive illustrations, children will feel they have something to add to the Seder, as they understand and enjoy the Haggadah as never before.

    Description from Publisher
    Uncle Eli's Special-For-Kids Most Fun Ever Under-The-Table Passover
    Uncle Eli's Special-For-Kids
    Most Fun Ever
    Passover Haggadah
    This special-for-kids, most fun ever under-the-table Haggada--as its subtitle declares--lives up to its name. Unabashedly borrowing from the style of Dr. Seuss, Eliezer Lorne Segal delightfully rhymes his way through the holiday, accompanied by fantastic, fire-breathing dragons, floating green pizza and matza carpets and a wild assortment of other creatures

    Description by Hadassah Magazine

    A story of Passover, young readers meet a cast of hilarious sages and unforgettable creatures as part of the events, personalities, and rituals of the Seder -- all told rhyming verse and whimsical color illustrations. Uncle Eli's Passover Haggadah is a unique, fun, beautifully presented, highly recommended transformation of the traditional Seder experience into an enchanting, memorable, heart inspiring, imagination stimulating format that is as lively as it is engaging.

    Description from Midwest Book Review

    In this one-of-a-kind children's Haggadah, the mysterious and mischievous Uncle Eli retells the story of the Passover. The book's enchanting rhymes and vivid illustrations breathe new life into the events, personalities, and rituals of the traditional Haggadah. You'll meet a cast of hilarious sages and unforgettable creatures including the Two-Headed Dray, Jacky the Juggler, Abie the Afikoman-thief, a six-legged moose named Harold, and Uncle Eli himself.

    Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids, Most Fun Ever, Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah brings adults and children alike a fresh perspective on Passover. Share your next Seder with Uncle Eli and make it more meaningful and fun for the children (and adults) at your table.

    Description from Publisher

    This Haggadah is the perfect way to add some spice and humor to your family's Seder. Using a Dr. Seuss-type rhyming scheme, Eliezer Lorne Segal manages to capture the essence of each section of the Seder while in a way that is sure to keep even the most fidgety child enthralled.

    Lori's Description

    The Really Fun Family Haggadah

    By Larry Stein
    The Really Fun Family Haggadah is not only a lot of fun; its explanations will enhance the meaning of your Passover Seder. Beautifully illustrated by noted Judaic artist, Leah Sosewitz, the Haggadah contains each of the Seder's traditional steps, as well as several features for children, including songs and an easy-to-read version of the Passover story. Praised by leading rabbis from coast to coast, this is one Haggadah that the entire family can enjoy.

    Description from Publisher

Energizing Haggadah for Children
    The Energizing Haggadah for Children
    This interactive Haggadah will keep children from being bored at the Seder table as they search for the hidden characters and become engrossed in the pictures and story. The complete text of the Haggadah has been reworded in order to highlight the important elements of the Seder.

    from the Publisher
    The Survival Kit Family Haggadah
    The Survival Kit Family Haggadah
    Seamlessly blends the ancient text with a unique, easy-to-follow translation as well as simple instructions that make the seder fun and meaningful for the entire family.

    from the Publisher

    Family Haggadah

    By Nosson Scherman
    Combines economy, accuracy, and the famed ArtScroll elegance. Printed in two colors, it includes the full text and ArtScroll translation, plus instructions, notes and an introduction. Convenient and inexpensive; ideal for groups.

    Description from Publisher

    Over the years, there have been many haggadahs which have used plain English translations & commentaries but have given tradition a short shrift. Like other Artscroll products, this haggadah is 100% traditional. The most Orthodox families can use it. However, the translations and commentaries are clear so that all families, including those with little religious background, can have a rewarding seder experience. I have looked over this haggadah very carefully and after consultation with my family, we have decided to make the switch this year.

    Description from Amazon.com

    The Concise Family Seder

    By Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch
    This best-selling condensed version of The Family Seder contains all major elements of the Passover Seder service. It has found great favor with those whose Passover celebration previously consisted of little more than a meal.

    Description from Publisher

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah (Participant's Edition)

    Santa Cruz Haggadah Kids Passover Fun Book

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah (Leader's Edition)

    The Santa Cruz Haggadah is a user-friendly Passover Haggadah based on the concept that we should not only look back in history to when we were slaves and then freed, but that we should also connect in with other groups who are needing freedom or protection now - eg the homeless, the redwoods, those discriminated against because of their age, sex, sexual preferences, etc. - and with the ways in which we enslave ourselves now through the risks we don't take, the words and actions we keep repeating, the questions we don't ask, etc.

    The Leader's versions (the complete versions) provide the leader with help in tailoring a seder to the expected participants; a ten-minute or ten-hour seder can be designed.

    The Participant's version
    provides attendees with all that they need to participate in the seder.

    The Kids' Passover Fun Book serves as: (1) a haggadah for little kids; (2) an Afikomen present for middle-aged kids (6 - 11); (3) a distraction tool for unruly kids at a seder; or (4) a violence-free teaching tool for parents and/or teachers.

    Description from Publisher

    (Sample page from Kids Edition>)

    We Tell It to Our Children :

    The Story of Passover: A Haggadah for Seders With Young Children

    By Mary Ann Wark
    This book was written by a Mom for her own young child 15 years ago and is now in its fourth printing. As Rabbi Leigh Lerner said in the introduction:..."The Passover story you will create from this Haggadah is filled with action: people who have feelings, ideas that become concrete, symbols that are related to a story...From experience I know that it is good for home use, a perfect addition to the religious school curriculum, and perhaps above all-- downright fun for adults,too."This child-tested book helps to make the Passover seder joyful and not a drawn-out ordeal because all the participants are actively engaged in telling the exodus story using the script in this Haggadah.To attract and hold a child's attention, it features cut-out paper doll puppets (Pharaoh, Slave, Yocheved, Miriam, Princess, Taskmaster, Moses, Aaron and sheep), songs based on American folk tunes (like "Clementine" and "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain"), even large print for easy reading. Entire families can act out this vivid story, with children as young as two playing the non-reading role of the sheep. The traditional order of the seder is changed to put the ritual foods back into the story so they can be easily understood. The user-friendly information (recipes and how-tos) make it easily used by intermarrieds. Endorsed by rabbis, and religious educators. The Leader edition has all 9 puppets in the back; the Guest edition has the same script/no puppets.

    Description from Publisher

    My Very Own Haggadah

    By Judith Groner and Madeline Wiker
    The ultimate children's Haggadah. A child's first seder service, with the story of Passover, an explanation of holiday symbols, seder blessings, and songs. Plus recipes, craft ideas, and pictures to color. Over 2 million in print!

    30th Anniversary Reissue Edition

    Description from Publisher

    While this will not satisfy the Orthodox requirements for a Seder, this book is an excellent choice to help engage children in the Seder. Parents may choose to use it as a supplemental text, as a way to get children excited before the Seder, or as a solo guide for a less-stringent family Seder. This book features 7 traditional and contemporary songs, crafts (including ideas on how to simulate the 10 plagues), recipes, coloring pages, and a simple narrative of the Exodus from Egypt. Parents will also appreciate the simple answers to the famous Four Questions. An excellent choice for families with toddlers or preschoolers.

    Lori's Description
    My Favorite Family Haggadah
    My Favorite Family Haggadah:
    A Fun, Interactive Passover Service
    for Children and Their Families
    This Haggadah provides a creative seder that is fun for all ages! There is original song and abundant interactivity. It will make your Passover seder very memorable.
    -Taken from Amazon.com Reader Review

    A Children's Haggadah

    By Howard Bogot and Robert Orkand
    This unique Haggadah designed especially for young people will be a delightful asset to any seder table - at home, in religious schools or at community centers.

    The authors do more than merely retell the story of the Exodus; through special foods, prayers and songs the children personally experience the miraculous event. The brilliant design and beautiful illustrations elevate the text into an imaginative source for children and meaningful work of art for all those who experience it.

    This magical book measures 8-1/2" x 11" and includes art on every page. It also includes a vibrant accordion foldout of the seder plate.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover: The Family Guide to Spiritual Celebration

    By Dr. Ron Wolfson
    Thousands of families have benefited from the information and wise advice in the original edition of this book. This updated edition will help families experience a meaningful holiday though its explanation of the concepts behind Passover ritual and ceremony with step-by-step procedures for observance and preparing the home for the holiday.

    Passover, 2nd Edition, provides readers with:
    • Easy-to-Follow Format: Using an innovative interview technique, real families describe in vivid words their won experiences with the Passover holiday.
    • Easy-to-Read Hebrew Texts: The Haggadah texts are in Hebrew, English, and transliteration.
    • An Abundance of Useful Information: A detailed description of the procedures involved in performing Passover rituals is included, along with a section of practical questions and answers. "Innovations" offers imaginative ideas and new customs to enliven seder celebration.

      Description from Publisher

    A Night of Questions:
    A Passover Haggadah

    Accompanying Audio CD Also Available
    Now in its second printing, this hugely popular Haggadah provides four Seder menus to help you customize your Seder: for younger children, for older children and adults, for groups of diverse backgrounds including non-Jews, and for those wishing to emphasize feminist themes. Plentiful commentary, kavvanot and readings throughout the text help make your Seder relevant and inspiring. Colorful icons and illustrations make this Haggadah visually appealing.

    Description from Publisher

    The Family Seder: A Traditional Passover Haggadah for the Modern Home

    By Rabbi Alfred J. Kolatch
    The full traditional Passover service with Hebrew and English text, combined with intelligent explanations of the many ceremonies and symbols used in the course of the evening. Contains meaningful quotations, culled from the literature of the ages, that reinforce the message of freedom that is the essence of the holiday. A popular low-priced Haggadah for the modern home.

    Description from Publisher

    Uh! Oh! Passover Haggadah

    By Janet Zwebner
    Hidden Passover Objects with English/Hebrew Haggadah
    The complete Hebrew and English Passover Haggadah which is read at the dinner table Passover eve. Double-spread full color illustrations of Passover scenes have hidden objects within them that children will love to find.

    Description from Publisher

    Passover Haggadah for All Generations

    By Morris E. Eson
    The Passover Haggadah For All generations is truly designed for all participants,young and old, attending the family Seder. With chldren in mind, Dr.Eson has clarified and developed through extensive research answers to questions that the probing young mind might have. It is truly a different Haggadah and is sure to make the family Seder an exciting experience.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    Because We Were Slaves:
    A Concise Haggadah for All of Us

    By Claire E. Gorfinkel & Charles Davis
    This Haggadah evolved over a period of more than twenty years, as its authors were called upon to share the Jewish festival of Passover with diverse ecumenical communities. Authentially Jewish, it is designed to make Passover accessible to people who are not familiar with the tradition, whether they are non-Jews or Jews who have drifted away from their tradition. This Haggadah is designed to be used. It is complete. It is clear. It is concise. It is appropriate for adults as well as children. It is modern, and it incorporates all the essential elements of the tradition.

    Description from Publisher

    A Young Child's Sticker Passover Haggadah

    By Harriet Degelsmith-Herst
    A unique book that follows a traditional adult haggadah format. It's an appealing and vividly colorful 96 piece STICKER art book. It's designed to help youngsters, ages 3-7, become eagerly engaged as participants in the family seder.

    Description from Publisher

    The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book

    By Nan Meyer
    Nan Meyer is to be congratulated! She has written a Haggadah with which Jewish families can welcome their non-Jewish friends and relatives to the Seder table. But in the process she has produced a Seder book that many Jews who have lost touch with but wish to return to their culture will find inviting to use. The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book is not only entirely user-friendly, it also provides practical suggestions for preparation and conduction of the Seder, and it gives the Seder service in a step-by-step, easy to follow sequence. In an era where Jews are becoming increasingly assimilated into the population, through both intermarriage and simple acculturation, it's easy to lose touch with their heritage. Getting back in touch with it can be difficult. However, this Haggadah can ease the retunr. It is very comfortable to use. It is in no way intimidating, the Hebrew that is used appropriately is also used sparingly, but in ways that are familiar. It is as appropriate to the ex-patriot Jews who wish to return as it is to non-Jews. Nan Meyer has made an important social contribution with her Haggadah.

    Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

    I originally wrote this book so that my Christian daughters-in-law would know what was going on and would be comfortable at our family's Seder table. As I worked I discovered that in traditional haggadahs (the manual used to direct the Seder), the Exodus tale was not told as much as referred to. So I set out to tell the story (as the Bible commands: "and you shall tell your child"). And, I incorporated in the telling all the facts we now know: i.e.: how long the Jews were in Egypt, the name of the pharaoh, etc. I also stripped away repetition (to do something once is meaningful; to do it two or more times is boring, especially to the children, and it's for them the story is told). I edited down long passages, and wrote and substituted songs wherever possible. Instead of reading about the troubles the Jews had in Egypt, I wrote the story to the tune of Old Man River which everyone sings. The Four Questions, which must be asked by the youngest person at the table, is set to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... which a four year old can learn, even if he doesn't or she doesn't have someone to teach the Hebrew version.

    I also incorporated into the telling all the explanations we have been giving for years to our non-Jewish guests. The supper is meant to be a learning lesson about how the Jews left Egypt. In my book, it is told with songs, games and special foods. Friends heard about my project and had sent me the customs and materials used in their Seders. After the book was written and electronically published, I gave copies of it to my family and sent the contributing friends copies of my finished project. To my amazement, orders began to pour in. With 72% of Jews marrying out of faith, everyone was related to or knew of someone who would like to read The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book.

    Description by the Author

    The Story Haggadah

    By Sol Scharfstein
    A shortened version of the Haggadah. Printed in full color with lots of explanatory notes and stories from the Bible and the Midrash.

    Description from Publisher
    The Prince of Egypt Haggadah
    The Family Passover Haggadah: The Prince of Egypt Edition
    A new family Haggadah brings the story of the Exodus to life with breathtaking, full-color illustrations from the landmark motion picture The Prince of Egypt. In conjunction with DreamWorks SKG, the 88 page traditional Haggadah retells "the greatest story ever" with more than 100 vivid and spectacular illustrations. The brilliant images which adorn every page enable readers to feel and experience some of the dramatic Biblical episodes including Moses' extraordinary encounter at the burning bush, the fury of the ten plagues and the incredible parting of the Red Sea. In addition, questions and clues have been added which serve to elicit lively discussion from both adults and children alike. This unique approach to teaching the Passover story serves to make it real and accessible to everyone regardless of their religious background.

    My Animated Haggadah and Story of Passover

    The Animated Haggadah

    By Rony Oren

    VHS Video Version Also Available
    Colorful and engaging claymation characters compliment the full text of the Haggadah text in English and Hebrew. Though the book is designed to be entertaining in its own right, the enticing format will cause a child to sit up and ask questions, the ideal of the traditional seder night. This best selling haggadah for kids also includes activities, games and a Seder guide for parents and teachers.

    Description from Publisher

    The Animated Haggadah Activity Book
    Passover Questions, Games, Puzzles, Information and Fun Activities for 5-10 Year Olds

    The Doodled Family Haggadah
    An oversized, comic-book type haggadah, opening from right to left but containing both English and Hebrew text, that combines traditional content with cartoon characters and silly wisecracks. Colorful borders adorn the pages, and illustrations range from two-inch inserts to half and whole pages.

    Description from School Library Journal

    My First Passover Haggadah

    By Sol Scharfstein
    22, easy -to-read story units. Each focusing on only one Passover object,historical figure, or ceremony.

    Description from Publisher

    My Haggadah

    By Ila Cherney
    Part coloring book, part cut-out book, part game book. A Passover book for children to make. In easy steps, the students are introduced to important Passover words and the order of the Seder service. Includes Hebrew words to cut out, practice, and play with.

    Description from Publisher

    The Twelve Page Family Haggadah

    By Lois June Wickstrom
    This Haggadah tells the story of Jewish enslavement in Egypt, the Exodus, and the founding of Israel in 12 pages, so you can get through the entire service with plenty of time to eat and chat. Buying one floppy disk entitles the buyer to print as many copies as needed for the family seder. The PDF file is formatted for printing as a booklet.

    Description from Publisher

    Haggadah for Children, Family and Friends

    By Lillian S. Abramson, Jacob P. Rubin, and Jacob P. Rudin (Editor)
    Prepared by Jacob Rudin and revised by Lillian S. Abramson, this haggadah was written in the hope that it may deepen our children's love for Judaism and Israel. It may be used as a guide when conducting a Seder in schoool, temple, youth organization, or home. The ceremony of the seder has been explained throughout. Nothing essential has been omitted and care has been taken to preserve the traditional character.

    Description from Publisher

    The Family Haggadah Leatherette Eight Piece Slipcased Set

    By Rabbi Nosson Scherman & Rabbi Avie Gold
    This handy, economically-priced Haggadah has been a best-seller for years. Now available with an elegant stamped and embossed leatherette cover! It contains the complete Seder instructions, a full text Haggadah with ArtScroll English translation and explanatory notes, The Family Haggadah keeps everyone on the same page! Accuracy is guaranteed by the Haggadah's two renowned editors, Rabbis Nosson Scherman and Avie Gold. The Perfect Pesach gift -- for yourself or your host! What could be a better Passover gift than 8 copies of ArtScroll's classic Family Haggadah, elegantly presented in leatherette covers and packaged in a handsome embossed slipcase? The perfect Haggadah for your own family or your host's, this expertly crafted set is certain to be passed down for generations.

    Description from Publisher

    The Journey Continues

    By Debbie Friedman

    Song List:
    1. B'ruchot Habaot
    2. The Time Is Now
    3. Light These Lights (Oh Hear My Prayer)
    4. The Journey Song
    5. Kadeish Urchatz
    6. Mi Shebeirach
    7. Ha Lachma
    8. Ma Nishtana
    9. Avadim Hayinu
    10. L'chi Lach
    11. Kadish D'rabanan
    12. Miriam's Song
    13. Dayeinu
    14. B'chol Dor Vador
    15. B'tzeit Yisraeil
    16. Ma L'cha Hayam
    17. Shir Hama-Alot
    18. Birkat Hamazon
    19. Eiliyahu Hanavi
    20. Mir'yam Han'viah
    21. Hodu
    22. Min Hameitzar
    23. Hal'luyah-Psalm
    24. L'shana Haba-A

    Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Debbie Friedman, presents this outstanding extended play recording of 24 beautifully arranged Hebrew and English songs that parallel the The Journey Continues : The Ma'yan Passover Haggadah of the same name. Debbie introduces new original songs, The Time Is Now, B'chol Dor Vador, and Birkat Hamazon, shares her seder appropriate renditions of Miriam's Song, L'chi Lach, Shir Hama-alot, Hodu, Hal'luyah and more, plus sings traditional Pesach songs Ha Lachma, Ma Nishtana, Avadim Hayinu, Ma L'cha Hayam, L'shana Ha-ba-a and others, like you've never heard them before! Perfect for use at home or communal seders as well as for pure enjoyment!

    Album Description

    Songs for a Family Seder

    Cantor Robert Freedman and Princeton Jewish center students. 45 minutes.

    Recordings of the songs from A Family Haggadah

    Children's Haggadah

    By A. M. Silbermann
    A unique and charming Passover Haggadah with moveable pictures, in full color, large print, and strong pages for little hands. Includes a selection of Seder melodies in sheet music form. Enjoyed by generations of Jewish youngsters.

    Description from Publisher

    My First Haggadah

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