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Haggadahs For Christian Seders

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The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book

By Nan Meyer
Nan Meyer is to be congratulated! She has written a Haggadah with which Jewish families can welcome their non-Jewish friends and relatives to the Seder table. But in the process she has produced a Seder book that many Jews who have lost touch with but wish to return to their culture will find inviting to use. The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book is not only entirely user-friendly, it also provides practical suggestions for preparation and conduction of the Seder, and it gives the Seder service in a step-by-step, easy to follow sequence. In an era where Jews are becoming increasingly assimilated into the population, through both intermarriage and simple acculturation, it's easy to lose touch with their heritage. Getting back in touch with it can be difficult. However, this Haggadah can ease the retunr. It is very comfortable to use. It is in no way intimidating, the Hebrew that is used appropriately is also used sparingly, but in ways that are familiar. It is as appropriate to the ex-patriot Jews who wish to return as it is to non-Jews. Nan Meyer has made an important social contribution with her Haggadah.

Description from Customer Review

I originally wrote this book so that my Christian daughters-in-law would know what was going on and would be comfortable at our family's Seder table. As I worked I discovered that in traditional haggadahs (the manual used to direct the Seder), the Exodus tale was not told as much as referred to. So I set out to tell the story (as the Bible commands: "and you shall tell your child"). And, I incorporated in the telling all the facts we now know: i.e.: how long the Jews were in Egypt, the name of the pharaoh, etc. I also stripped away repetition (to do something once is meaningful; to do it two or more times is boring, especially to the children, and it's for them the story is told). I edited down long passages, and wrote and substituted songs wherever possible. Instead of reading about the troubles the Jews had in Egypt, I wrote the story to the tune of Old Man River which everyone sings. The Four Questions, which must be asked by the youngest person at the table, is set to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... which a four year old can learn, even if he doesn't or she doesn't have someone to teach the Hebrew version.

I also incorporated into the telling all the explanations we have been giving for years to our non-Jewish guests. The supper is meant to be a learning lesson about how the Jews left Egypt. In my book, it is told with songs, games and special foods. Friends heard about my project and had sent me the customs and materials used in their Seders. After the book was written and electronically published, I gave copies of it to my family and sent the contributing friends copies of my finished project. To my amazement, orders began to pour in. With 72% of Jews marrying out of faith, everyone was related to or knew of someone who would like to read The Inter-Faith Family Seder Book.

Description by the Author

Let Us Break Bread Together: A Passover Haggadah For Christians

By Pastor Michael Smith & Rabbi Rami Shapiro
A Passover Seder Haggadah Created Especially for Christians

Jews have been celebrating the Passover through a special meal, called a seder, for millenia. Jesus himself celebrated the Passover feast with his disciples in what Christians refer to as The Last Supper.

In this special book, co-authored by a rabbi and a pastor, we have the unique opportunity to experience an authentic Jewish Passover seder, from a distinctively Christian perspective. There are many haggadot used in Jewish homes and synagogues, but this one offers meaningful insights on how Christians can both learn from Judaism as a means of deepening their Christian faith, and better understand the Jewishness of Jesus.

Always respectful of the differences between Judaism and Christianity, this Passover guide provides:
  • a complete guide (plan and script) to a meaningful seder experience
  • a deeper knowledge of the great themes of the Exodus story, in combination with Christian insights
  • rich opportunities for a better understanding of Lent and Holy Week
  • a fuller knowledge of why Jesus placed such importance on the universal themes of slavery, freedom, and community around the seder table

The Messianic Passover Haggadah

By Barry Rubin & Steffi K. Rubin

Passover Haggadah

By Thomas C. Simcox
You'll never view communion the same way again after you've read our Passover Haggadah. The Lamb, the cup, and the matzoh (bread)-symbols so common to Christianity-all originated with the ancient Jewish feast of Passover. This unique Haggadah will help you understand the rich symbolism of this important Jewish holiday in the light of the sacrifice of Christ, the Lamb of God.

Description from Publisher

Celebrating an Authentic Passover Seder

By Joseph M. Stallings

Christian Observance of Passover: The Haggadah

By Beverly Jeffers
Learn about the origins and meanings behind The Sedar Plate, The Tallith, The Matzah Cover, The Afikoman Bag, The Star of David, The Elijah Cup, The Shofar, The Haggadah, The Seven and Nine Branch Menorah's and much more.

Description from Publisher

The Passover Celebration

By Rabbi Leon Klenicki & Myra Cohen Klenicki
Christians, whose traditions are rooted in Judaism, share the Passover experience of a people enslaved and then redeemed when God brought them to freedom, to covenant, to a Promised Land. Through the centuries, the ritual of Passover has allowed each generation of Jews to relive their history and make the story their own. This new edition of The Passover Celebration has been prepared especially for those occasions when Christians are invited to join with members of the Jewish community to celebrate the Passover seder. The cover and interior has been completely redesigned, and contains art by Judith Joseph. The service provided in this booklet is completely faithful to the Jewish tradition and provides background on the seder meal, instruction and commentary. It enables all who attend the seder meal to participate in this joyful event.

Description from Publisher

Passover Haggadah: A Messianic Celebration

By Eric Lipson
A Passover Seder involves the whole family. It's an evening filled with stories and symbols to celebrate a Festival of Freedom from slavery in Egypt. Jesus later turned these promises of Israel's deliverance to a message of deliverance from our own slavery to sin. It is a telling witness to what He has done and is doing to redeem His people. This book with its uniquely Christian insights allows you and your family to enter into the experience. It will become a treasured memory as you personally experience the Last Supper (a Passover Seder) in your own home.

Description from Publisher

Celebrating an Authentic Passover Seder: A Haggadah for Home and Church

By Joseph M. Stallings
By popular demand, a new participantís edition has been excerpted from Stallingsí original leaderís guide for celebrating an authentic Passover seder. With the participantís edition, guests can easily follow and participate in the seder. The author presents an authentic Jewish celebration for use in a Christian context. An easy-to-follow script works well for seders at home or at church. Follow-up with a separate agape that includes readings from the New Testament. The larger leaderís guide provides the leader with authentic recipes, directions for setting the Passover table and many other preparation tips, while the participantís edition makes a great keepsake for your guests.

Description from Publisher

Passover Starter Pack: Basic Items for Celebrating Your Messianic Passover Seder Dinner
(2 Messianic Passover Haggadahs, The Messianic Seder Preparation Guide, the Passover Music & Blessings cassette, and the Messianic Passover Children's Curriculum, 4 Levels)

Passover Seder: Ritual and Menu for an Observance by Christians

By Barbara Balzac Thompson

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